A Rest Day

Everything in my being resists rest; I wish I understood why.

But today, it is needed.   Even my sweet husband mentioned it might be a good thing today.

Saturday I took the five youngest kiddos to the Cleveland Zoo; I love zoos and it was our first time there.  Wonderful place to visit; we had a blast!

In spite of having a small army to manage, we got some fab photos; hope you enjoy this one!


  1. What a perfect verse for you right now sister! You have blessed so many with your book… REST UP! And praise GOD! ~ Love ya, Amy

  2. Cute picture! Yes, all of us moms fail to give oursleves anytime or rest but sometimes you just have to, glad you are filling up your cup today!

    Stopping by from the Allume attendee’s page, I wanted to say HI! I’ll be at Allume, hope to see you there!

    1. Thanks for coming by! Can’t wait for Allume; awesome, hope we get to meet. 🙂

  3. Shelley Elaine says:

    Great shot!

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