A Real “Outside the Zone” Story…

Not so long ago but quite far away, there lived a couple in the state of Washington.

“Oh,” you say, “That’s not too far.”

But it was to them.

Because God was moving them to the land of Columbus, OH.

Not to say it didn’t have its’ perks.  Having work is a good thing in light of the economy for the past few years.  But  being separate from each other for more than a year, selling  a house, one of the two having double hip replacements, and having a son get married during that time…a bit overwhelming.

Just a bit!

You might say that they were “outside their comfort zone.”

However, this particular couple loves God and sought His will.  And so they endured the difficult period and were faithful to church and obedient to the Lord’s calling.

The wife of this team was determined to be in the Word and upon the opportunity to connect with other women and study the Bible, she sent an email requesting a phone call in order to ask a few questions about the type of study being offered.   Then, having never met anyone at that particular study, she knocked on the door and introduced herself bravely.

After a week or so, this awesome lady was asked at the Bible study if she works, and where.  She replied that she is a sonographer for Children’s Hospital.  She is one of nine who performs the scans for the children’s hearts in the outpatient clinic in downtown Columbus.   What an intense job!


My sweet daughter, Taylor, had been experiencing some symptoms that we just weren’t excited about.  The doctor indicated that we should set up an appointment and so we did.

Last Tuesday, we entered our appointment and after the EKG testing, when it came time for the echocardiogram, Paula Wilcox entered the room.

Why was that so miraculous?

  • Last summer, God began a work in my heart to offer another summer Bible study from my home.
  • Around that same time, from the distant Washington state, God was leading Randy and Paula Wilcox to Columbus, OH.
  • Upon the prompting of the Holy Spirit, it was MY door that Paula knocked on that first week of study.
  • Of all the places in the world, Paula works in the Cardiology Clinic at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH.
  • Out of nine sonographers who rotate patients, our test slot was assigned to her.

Someone I knew.

Someone I knew that loves the Lord.

Someone I knew that already understood my prayer concerns for Taylor.

Someone I knew that was obedient to the Lord’s will.

Many thanks to Paula and Randy Wilcox, for their obedience in taking the leap of faith, and stepping…

Outside the Zone.


  1. Randy Wilcox says:

    Hi Rachel. Thank you so much for your kind words! Being obedient to God is not easy when it doesn’t seem to make sense to OUR way of thinking, but it is always for our good and His glory to let Him lead us. (Ro. 8:28) We pray each morning that co-workers, docs, and especialy children and their parents, would see Christ reflected through Paula. Thanks for being one of the great people we have met while here in Columbus, and using your gifts and talents for Christ! (Isaiah 30:21).

    1. Randy:
      Just from what I saw in Paula’s work, your prayers are being answered! Thanks so much for sharing her with the rest of the study ladies on Thursday nights!


  2. Paul & Carolyn Davis says:

    What a great article on Paula & Randy Wilcox. Paula is our daughter and we are very proud of her and Randy. the thing that pleases us the most is that they are following the leading of the Holy Spirit and are willing to follow His leading. She is the oldest of our 3 children and we are pleased to say that all of them welcome God’s wisdom in their lives.

    Bless You, Paul & Carolyn Davis
    Spokane Valley, Washington

    1. Thank you for stopping by the blog; you have much to be proud of in Paula & Randy! Blessings on you and yours. Rachel

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