A Prayer to Savor the Moment

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Recently I finished reading Lysa Terkeurst’s newest release, The Best Yes. One of the most prominent points in the book for me was the importance of “unrushing.” I truly believe with all my heart that slowing down on a daily basis is something I need to do. My heart’s desire is to live each moment of each day to the fullest of God’s plan.

In the last week or so, I received an email from a reader who loves the prayers from the everyday living prayer directory. She writes:

I have really been praying ( more so begging with agony ) for help and guidance on how to communicate with God, your prayers written out to follow help a great deal to focus on my conversation with Him and help me focus on what I am trying to tell Him.

I was wondering about a prayer for ” You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment” something along those lines… My church counselor ( who is a blessing) always tells me, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. You are right where God wants you.”
Yet, I always catch myself thinking, ” I need to finish this task as soon as possible to love to the next, I need to catch up to where I am suppose to be.” My mind is always racing in a tyranny like that.

Girlfriend, this prayer is for you and me and all the others who might need to slow down and enjoy where God has placed us just for this place in time.

A Prayer to Savor the Moment

Dear Father,
Thank you for this exact point in time.
Sometimes I struggle
To enjoy the gift of the present.
I push forward before your timing is perfect
And then feel the pain of rushing.
My spirit longs to savor the moment
While my mind scrambles to snatch the next minute.
Will you slow my heart to beat your rhythm?
Will you sync my step to mirror your tempo?
May my spirit fail to chase
After the next beautiful experience
Until I’ve unwrapped the gift of right now-
The present.

prayer to savor the moment


  1. Rachel, I have been reading the Best Yes along with the P31 OBS. Seems like rushing is the story of my life. My patience has been wearing very thin…I appreciate this prayer so much right at this minute as I am going to go and sit with my grandson while he plays in the tub and forget about the fact that he has lost a shoe, trashed the living room and thrown a bunch of tantrums. As he sings in the tub and I take a deep breath, I will stop worrying about the shoe, know that the living room will get cleaned up and remember that he is 2 1/2…This is the time to savor the moment! God bless!

  2. This prayer is your best one-possibly because the words speak so directly to me at this time, this place and this moment. Rachel-thank you for the gift of prayer that God so willingly shares to all through you!

  3. thank you very much for this.i need this so much!

  4. Thank you Rachel! The perfect prayer for the moment I am in right now!

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