A Prayer of Thanks for My Teenager

If you are a mom to teenagers, then you know just how quickly the time flies. My third child to parent through the teen years hit the magical “teen” mark at the beginning of January. Wow! How incredible to think that God has grown this boy from a sweet little innocent baby to a squeaky voice, taller-than-his-mama teenager! When I think about the next few years of his life, I get a little… ok, a lot, whimsical. I truly believe it is important to continue to pray for my teenagers as I did for them as children. With the issue of a driver’s license, perhaps I pray more.  

Today I just wanted to offer up a prayer of thanks for my teenager. Technically I have two teenagers currently, but I wanted you to feel free to use this prayer!

A Prayer of Thanks for My Teenager

Often a mom will reflect on her treasures.
Today I’m thanking you for my teenager.
I can scarcely grasp
That you knitted the soul of a sweet baby
And then gifted me that baby,
Both body and soul to nurture.
While the days and weeks and months have passed,
It’s hard to believe my baby is a teenager.
Thank you for the privilege of sculpting a spirit
And your guidance to do so.
How I need you, Jesus.
Thank you that the sweet days far outweigh the hard;
And that your grace covers our faults.
While we may not see eye to eye on every issue in life,
We’re both thriving in your love each day.
This fact alone is a gift from you;
And I praise you for it.
May each anticipated milestone be embraced to the fullest.
May our hearts traverse closer to you and each other.
I pray in the name of Jesus.

a prayer of thanks for my teenager

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  1. Good to hear that, but from experience you have lot of works to do in order to make sure that your teenagers follow the path that you’ve set up before him. Teenage seems to be craziest stage of life due to the fact that it’s exactly when teenagers often feel like they are for certain things. We’re living in a wicked world that’s rapidly getting worse and worse. It’s quite evident that the enemy is desperately chasing teenagers in very aggressive and destructive manner because he knows that the earlier he can mess them up by ruining their lives, the harder it will be for them to follow Jesus.

    I pray that God keeps your children loyal to both Him and you. I pray that He grants you wisdom, boldness, and understanding, so that you can continue to be a model for your children.

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