A Prayer of Thanks for My Children


Some days this Mama gets tired.
So tired, in fact, that I just
won’t know what to do except…
set my face before You.

When I come to You in prayer,
I must first whisper “Thank You.”
Thank you, Jesus, for my children.
Thank you for their energy…
and their sleep. Well, when they sleep.

Thank you for their open hearts…
and sometimes willing hands.
Thank you for teaching me so much
about You through them
and for teaching me so much about them through You.

To be chosen as “mama” is a gracious gift from you.
May I recognize that gift as much on the high-strung days
as the low-key days.
May the thought flood my mind with joy and
my simple thanks
transform my thoughts
from weak mommy
to empowered mama.
In Jesus’ Name,

a prayer of thanks for my children

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you. This was so true. Needed. Awesome.

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