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  1. I hadn’t read this email yet but did today. My husband and I have been separated for 2 1/2 years. He is pushing for a divorce and I am refusing. Today I was at a point of just agreeing and giving in to my husband. I have held firm to the promise from God that He would restore our marriage but it hasn’t happened yet. I was ready to give up. Then I read this email. Thank you, Rachel. I read it at the time I needed it most.

    1. Bless you, Kathy. May the Lord lead you each step. My heart aches for you and I pray you feel God’s hand on your life each day.

      1. Thank you. I pray God will bless you and your family as you reach people through your ministry.

  2. I was praying about my marriage, decided to pin some pins on Pinterest “spiritual words of wisdom” I went to a Pinterest board there was a pin “A Prayer when I Feel Lonely” from RachelWoj.com, which led me to your website. While browsing your site I came to this post! I instantly thought this is God! Marriage is worth fighting for. Love is worth fighting for. I agree with this post. As I have been standing for my marriage for 2 years now, this is my second marriage. My husband speaks of divorce, I do not want a divorce. I Believe I am suppose to Stand Fight for my Marriage. I pray that this is God’s will and not my will. I declare and decree my marriage restored healed! Please pray with me. Thanks in advance. All the Glory to God!

  3. I still think I am ready. I am at a crossroads, Crusing, yelling, fussed at. All in front of 4 and 6 year old. Daughter. Fearful if I don ‘t answer because Daddy will fuss. 4 year old loves his Father. Pray for strength . Scared wither way. Mav

  4. Thank you for your prayer today. My marriage has been tattered by the relentless pressure of a seriously wayward child. We are worn and are often not kind to each other out of pure exhaustion and frustration with our circumstances. This “season” has been going on for 12 years now and tomorrow he has a one way ticket away from our family. This is also hard. Please pray for us

    1. prayers, Tracy! OH my heart aches for you. May the God of peace surround you with his presence and may you feel him lift your spirit.

    2. Tracy,

      I am praying for you. We were in those very circumstances 6 years ago, with a wayward daughter, and our marriage in shambles. It was also a very long road with my daughter. It IS very painful.

      But God if you seek Him, will show Himself to you, fight for you, and bring good out of this painful period of your lives. He will continue to bring good out of this for your son and for your lives. You will look back and see the Lord’s hand in this. We see and learn Jesus and His ways and His love so much more clearly when we have trials.

      God can reach a prodigal in a way you can’t possibly. God has His love and all of His infinite resources to reach your son. It takes looking at Him in trust instead of looking at what you see happening with your son. He showed me He was not going to restore, but to create a new thing. Jesus is always looking behind the scenes in ways we don’t see. Once, I was given a vision of a very strong muscled arm holding a spear, standing at attention, with just a profile jawline, standing guard. I told a friend about this vision, and she mentioned that we can’t see the Lord’s face and live. I wept because Jesus told me this was His strong arm, fighting for all of us.

      Your son cannot go any place so dark and escape the Presence of Jesus. To Jesus the night and the day are both alike. Psalm 139 talks about this. He has your son surrounded, and you surrounded by His Presence. He also has you and your husband surrounded by His Presence. His Angel, warrior armies surrounding you. He is fighting for your marriage.

      I wish I could say things with our daughter are fixed, but I see God’s hand in all of this. I have to remember this is not in my time, and whatever God does, He does thoroughly and completely.

      Your son, and your marriage are not bigger than God. God is infinitely larger and can do more than you can think or even ask. I remember not knowing what to ask for anymore. I surrendered, I was too exhausted and numb. I ate the psalms and Isaiah and the letters of John, and could only pray them back and kept a journal of those scriptures/promises when I heard the Lord’s voice. Then do the next small thing He asks of you, mostly be close to Him.

      I’m sorry this is so long, it is just as much for me to remind me of the lessons I have learned and am continuing to learn.

      I shall pray as I feel the Lord leading me.

      In His Peace,,


  5. Thank you for this post! It is literally what was on my mind this night and I heard my email come in and just read the subject line! Tears just filled my eyes because it’s like somewhat of a affirmation that god is listening. Thank you!

    1. Blessings, Nieve. God cares about every hair on your head. Of course, he’ll send a message to you in this nature. He loves you so much! Prayers over your marriage today.

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