A Prayer for When Life Is Busy

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A Prayer for When Life is Busy

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for the gift of life.

Each season is special and beautiful in Your timing

And I praise you, Jesus, for teaching me to embrace each one.

In the midst of this current season of busyness,

I desperately need the wisdom that can only come from You.

I need You to calm my hurried heart.

The hustle and bustle can cause my spirit to sink…

When I know Your plan is to soar.

Will You usher in the wings of Your strength?

Will You calm my attitude in the midst of the rush?

Will You prompt me to slow down when needed?

As the God of the universe living inside of me,

the Author of peace that can’t be comprehended,

please give me Your heavenly tranquility to experience fully

and I’ll praise Your holy name.


a prayer for when life is busy


  1. Rachel, as always, timely and affirming my prayer from early this a.m.! Thx! God bless!

  2. So, I guess I was supposed to read psalm 145 today also. I read it before I realized that today’s reading is the same as yesterday’s. 😉

  3. Hi! I wanted to share with you. Yesterday I followed the link to the 7 days of praying for your husband challenge. After I spread the love and shared it via email to some other wives, I began day 1 journaling what The Lord showed me to pray for my husband. Last night, my husband asked me to pray for him because he had some tough stuff coming up. While he shared some specifics with me I smiled because his requests were right on with what God had shown me earlier in journaling. I love God’s perfect timing!
    Also, To follow up on our thankful tree, Caleb is now potty trained!!! 🙂
    Have a blessed day!

    1. This made my day when I read it yesterday, Kim!! YAY for potty training- I should really get serious about that at my house with my last one. AND I just love the praying for your husband! Cause I love praying for my husband- God has done great and mighty things by changing my heart through prayer. Have a great day and PS: sorry for the errors on the Bible Reading Challenge posts the last couple days. I think they are all corrected now!

  4. Somehow you always seems to know what I need when I need it…the work of our Lord has a hand in this I’m sure. Thank you!

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