A Prayer for When I Feel Restless

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Have you ever felt a restlessness but you're unsure why? And not understanding the reason frustrates you beyond measure?

Do you ever get this feeling of unrest you can’t seem to shake? And you’re not sure exactly where it’s coming from or how to process it? It can be frustrating when you can’t pinpoint the reason for the feeling.

Is it a prompt to make a change or a distraction to prevent success? Either way, I believe it’s a call to run to Jesus. Recently I felt this way and the best way to handle it? Pray. Today I’m sharing this prayer with you.

A Prayer for When I Feel Restless

Dear Father,
I wish I could explain it-
this stirring in my heart…
this questioning within my spirit…
this searching of my soul.
Jesus, I’m feeling restless.
While you know me
Even more than I know myself,
I know this much-
In this moment I must pursue you.
Is this unrest a temptation
to disrupt precious peace?
Or is it an appeal
to embrace hallowed awakening?
Please lead me to an understanding;
Grant me wisdom to walk your way.
And with our steps in sync,
I believe the bumpy walk will transform
Into a beautiful dance of clarity.
Thank you, Jesus.

A Prayer for when I feel restless


  1. Susy guzman says:

    good morning thank you so much for your websitesometimes our daily lives consumes us and we don’t realizehow precious it isI will be praying for your book and thank you so much for your compassion..I need your prayers for my family my daughter is going through a divorce my son is such a good man having trouble finding workand my husband and I are going through financial difficulty I would greatly appreciate your prayers thank you again and God bless you and your family..

  2. love your site, I writing you because I have a friend who really doesn’t believe in the bible. She’s very stressed out, he fiancée just broke up with her, plus she helps her mother take care of her disabled sister. Plus she has been none stop studying for apprenticeship in Engineer. She is a kind hearted person but stress to much, please say a prayer for her. lol thank you for your time.

  3. beautifully written prayer

  4. I’ve been very restless these last couple of days due to stress and just the feeling of not being treated fairly! Thank you for the prayer to come back to Jesus for clarity since I forget in when in the moment!!!

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