A Prayer for A New Beginning


With the New Year unfolding before us so quickly, a prayer for a new beginning has been stirring in my heart. I hope you enjoy this prayer. Would you mind letting me know in the comments if you’d enjoy having a book of the prayers I’ve written and pinned? I’d appreciate that feedback ever so much!

May your new beginning be blessed by the grace and mercy of God.

new beginning prayer

A Prayer for A New Beginning
Dear Father,
Today I’m coming to the end of a season;
Tomorrow a new beginning dawns.
I realize the new cannot be ushered in
Without the old passing by,
Yet sometimes I hang on to the past
Because of my fear of the future.
Thank You for redeeming the past-
Without Your redemption,
there would be no present.
And without Your redemption,
there would certainly be no future.
Please forgive my lack of trust in Your provision.
May I embrace the new beginning with open arms
And an open heart.


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  1. How about a prayer journal book. That way we can journal as we read your sweet prayers as we learn together to pray. You said a coffee table book. It would be a prayer book and journal. I know I do not journal as often as I would like to and a journal prayer book would help. May God guide you as he always does in preparing for writing a prayer book

    In Christ

    1. OH I LOVE that idea, Carol!! Thank you so much for writing it out. I’ve been thinking on the prayer book all weekend. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful prayer! I love to have a book of prayers!

  3. Linda in Maryville says:

    This is a beautiful prayer and wonderful for the beginning of the new year and releasing of the old. I will look forward to your book on prayers if the Lord leads you to compile yours.

  4. I would LOVE a book of your prayers. I found your website through Pinterest and I love it. Thank you for all of your posts and prayers! I started your schedule for reading the Bible in a year today. I’m very excited to use all of your amazing resources! Thanks again for sharing. (;

  5. A book of prayers would be most welcome. I’ve used them and have been right where I am at the time. I’ve passed them on, and often you put into words what I can’t quite put into words, or had not thought about. Thank you for your ministry!



  6. I would treasure a book. You always seem to know just what I need when I need it.

  7. Loved the prayer. I would love a book of prayers if you published one.

  8. Dearest Rachel, another lovely prayer. I’m always amazed at the Lord’s synchronicity. Your prayers always seem to come at just the right time. They are often very healing for my spirit and I love the honesty of them. In this one I was particularly touched by the part about trust. Thank you for showing us how to be vulnerable. A book of your prayers would be amazing.

    1. Pam- God used your words to minister to me today as well. That is how authentic Christian encouragement works! Bless you and thank you. Prayers for a new year full of God’s best in your life!

  9. Mary Lynn says:

    A book is a wonderful idea! Your prayers are often just what I need when they are posted and I often go back to them. Happy New Year!!

  10. Thank you for sharing that. It is so encouraging to know that other sisters in Christ are agreeing together to that prayer.

  11. Thank you for sharing your prayers with us all!

  12. Thoughtful prayer. Thank you. And yes, a book would be uplifting: are you thinking print or electronic?

    1. I am thinking both. Though print always costs a bit more. But I’m envisioning a beautiful coffee table book! 🙂 Any ideas?

  13. Love the prayer 🙂 would love a book of them.

  14. Good morning Rachel! This is a beautiful prayer to start the New Year…a new season in our lives! As we reflect on ALL the Lord has done with us and for us, we pray that we will continue to grow in our faith and trust in Him and most of all our love and relationship with Him! May the Lord bless the Wojo family with His peace, love and joy in the New year! God bless!
    ps. I always love your prayers and think that a book filled with these would allow each to be prayed in God’s perfect timing in our lives!

  15. I would a book of Prayers from you. The one you wrote for this post is great. Thank you!!

  16. Oh, yes, please make a book!!!!! What a huge huge huge blessing if you did, yes Rachel please make a book of them!!!!!

  17. This prayer is exactly what I needed right now! I would LOVE a book!!!

  18. Beautiful prayer!! I’d like a book, too!! 🙂

  19. Shárrell Haws says:

    yes, please!!! and the sooner the better!!

  20. Laurie Whin says:

    Rachel, thank you for this prayer to welcome the new year. I would love to have a book of your prayers! May the Lord bless your writing ministry in the coming year.

  21. Abdolutely interested in a book of your prayers! I struggle with prayer, I feel as if my attempts are not enough so I’ve prayed what you have written and expand/change to fit what is in my heart. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Bless you Danielle- God hears those prayers and loves to hear anything that is on your heart!

  22. Rachel~absolutely I would enjoy it if you published a book of your prayers. Your New Year’s prayer was beautiful! Happy New Year! ~lyn

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