A Mother’s Musings

Each September, Taylor’s birthday rolls around on the 21st. So I usually start reflecting on her life a few weeks beforehand.  I wrote this poem several years back and today, hopefully it serves as a reminder to you to… live in the moment,

every day to its fullest.

With complete trust in God.

One simple September day, you were born.
It wasn’t easy, but we made it through.
As I peered at your face, my heart was torn;
Already the world had been harsh to you.

You started to breathe, to eat and to blink;
You started sighing and cooing.
My heart and mind began to think
About all the wonderful things we’d be doing.

I would teach you to play the piano and to sing;
I would teach you about Jesus’ love.
Your ABC’s and 123’s, you’d know each little thing;
You’d learn to be a gentle sweet dove.

I didn’t know that in six short years,
You wouldn’t be able to talk.
I didn’t realize there were many more fears;
Because of MPS, you’d fail to walk.

Yes, that wonderful day on which you arrived,
I pondered and dreamed of the things to come.
Maybe what I hadn’t realized…
What mattered at that point was day one.

So now as I sit and try to comprehend
Just why did God give you to me?
I finally believe I might understand
God sent YOU to teach me.

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  1. Beautiful my friend… simply beautiful.

  2. Enjoyed the poem, love the picture!

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