9 Topical Bible Reading Plans You’ll Love

 9 topical Bible reading plans you’ll love. How do I know that you’ll love them? Because so many folks already have! Each of these MONTHLY plans offer a graphic that you can either screenshot to your smartphone and save to your favorites for easy daily access. Or a download link is available via printable pdf. #biblereading

Today as I was both thinking back and looking ahead for the Bible reading challenges, I realized that I should offer this list of 9 topical Bible reading plans you’ll love. How do I know that you’ll love them? Because so many folks already have!The last year has been absolutely incredible for our Bible reading community here on the blog. So many folks wrote to me to say that they read their Bible every day for an entire month for the first time ever!! How exciting is that?!

Each of these MONTHLY plans offer a graphic that you can either screenshot to your smartphone and save to your favorites for easy daily access. Or a download link is available via printable pdf. This printing option allows for two copies on one sheet of paper so you have one schedule to keep and one to share.

If you click on either the heading of each plan or the last phrase of each plan, the link will take you to the post where the plan is stored and you’ll be able to save or print the schedule from there.

Trusting God

Do you ever feel like your relationship with God is limited by your ability to trust him fully? Oh, you trust him for eternal salvation, but perhaps you forget to trust him for everyday solutions? What if you took a month to read what the Bible has to say about trusting God?

Perfect Peace

You’ve seen it before and marveled. Someone you know was going through a fierce trial. I don’t know exactly what it was, but heartache was the primary factor. Yet somehow, through the pain, through the cancer, through the suffering, through the miscarriage, something stood out brighter than anything. That something? Peace beyond human comprehension. Where does that kind of peace come from? How can we live peacefully in a world of chaos and unrest?

From Hurting to Healing

This topical Bible reading plan is focused on what God says about restoring our brokenness and renewing our hearts. Are you ready to stop hurting and begin healing? This is the plan for you!

Winning Over Worry

Worry is such a wrestler, isn’t she? Sometimes life issues have a big 1-2 punch and send us to the mat, but worry? She likes a good wrestling match. She wants to sneak in, grab hold and gradually pull her victim down. She chooses her matches carefully and her strongholds thoughtfully. Worry appears to have a strategy of her own and yet, she’s great friends with subtlety.

This Bible reading plan is focused on worry, but not simply acknowledging she exists. Oh, no. We all know she’s there. The focus is on winning over the worry.

God Is Bigger

Go ahead. Fill in the blank with whatever it is that you need to remember.

Is it an upcoming schedule change? Oh yes, he is bigger.

How about a recent family crisis? He has each and every member in the palm of his hand. 

A new job? He’s got it all under control.

How can we fill our minds with the faith to remember that God is sovereign over all and his power extends from the vast universe to the tiniest molecule? By saturating our hearts and minds with his word!

Waiting on God

When my mom was in labor to deliver me, the nurse told her to not to push because she wanted me to “wait for the doctor.” I was born two minutes later without a doctor present. Yes folks, that was only the beginning of my personal issue with waiting.

And what about waiting on God?  For necessities. For answers to prayer. For direction and guidance. For opportunities. I wish I could tell you I never mind waiting on God. But wow, I really want to dig into God’s Word and read what the Bible has to say about waiting for Him to work.

Gently God Guides

Have you ever heard someone say “When you find God’s will…” and it seemed something akin to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Like maybe it exists and maybe it doesn’t?

Growing up in church, I often heard churchy-type phrases that were used over and over again. One of those phrases was “finding God’s will.” The phrase seemed elusive and mysterious when I was  a teenager. As an adult, I now think of it in a completely different way.

For me, finding God’s will isn’t a “big picture” item on my “must-do” Christian list. Oh no. It’s about pursuing God’s guidance continually and knowing him so well that I have no doubt when his spirit is speaking to my heart. It’s understanding that his guidance is gentle and loving, even when circumstances are harsh. It’s knowing the promises of his word, that he is with us and longs to show us the right path, then lead us on it.

One More Step

Sometimes the boldest thing one can do is take the next breath. – One More Step

The temptation to quit feels overpowering and a million reasons for why you should just give up loom over your head. Out-of-control circumstances, fatigue, and misplaced hope are just a few of the issues you’re facing.

It’s time. Time to take action and move forward when everything is pulling you back.

But feeling paralyzed, you’re not sure where to turn.

When discouragement strikes and depression hovers, God’s Word will provide the strength to keep going if we will run to it. 

The Light

Have you ever been there? That situation on which you glance back and think “How did I miss that?”

It’s because of darkness. How can we defeat the darkness? Through filling our lives with the light of God’s Word.Light is living in God’s heavenly truth.

While we sometimes think the way ahead is dark and dreary, God’s Word bring light in the darkness. When we can’t see ahead, his light shines to show us the way.

In His Presence

Do you long to draw closer to Jesus? I pray that we would rush to get to his feet and spend time with him. I want us to joyfully enjoy the moments we have in God’s Word and prayer. And yes, we want to be forever changed through drawing closer to him. This is what happens when we enjoy the gift of his presence!!  (this month’s challenge beginning 1/1/16)

So there you have it. 9 topical Bible reading plans that have been well-loved, enjoyed and absorbed. If you know a small group leader or Sunday school teacher or anyone who’s looking for a Bible reading plan to help them stay on track as they lead a group, any one of these plans will do just that!

Is there one that interests you more than the others? Is there a topic you’d like to see on this list? I’d love to hear from you if so!

Enjoy and I’m looking forward to what God has for each day!!

By his grace,


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