6 Places to Pray in Everyday Life

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God has been speaking to my heart about spending time with Him in my current stage of life. Usually when the Holy Spirit is whispering to me about something, then I share it with you because I’ve found that if I’m dealing with an issue, often other folks are dealing with it too. I really do believe God loves it when we spend individual, undivided time in prayer with Him.  Time that is specifically dedicated to Him and for Him.

However, if that is the ONLY time He gets, then we haven’t allowed His presence to live in our hearts as intended. This prompted the question:

Where can I pray besides my quiet time alone with God?

In other words, when our children are in busy seasons….

when we are working…

when we have to take care of our homes, our cars, whatever God has entrusted us with…

Where can we pray?

Honestly, we simply have conversation with God wherever we are.

Today I’m sharing 6 places we can pray in everyday life. I hope one of them sparks an idea for you and you find moments with God that you haven’t discovered before.

1. At the kitchen sink.

As you can imagine with my family of 9 bodies, I spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink. I love that I have a little window and I can see what’s happening in the backyard. Whether enjoying the blue of the sky or freshly fallen snow, I believe God loves it when I find things to chat about by the kitchen sink.

2. While driving.

Don’t get too carried away with this one or you’ll miss  a turn. Not that I’ve ever been known to do that. Ahem.

3. In the laundry room.

Laundry is not my favorite- can I just tell you that? By being purposeful about having conversation with God instead of my usual mental self-conversation, I can be thankful and praise instead of grumbling and complaining.

4. In waiting lines.

Whether it is the car pickup line, the drive-thru, the post office, or the bank, waiting lines are a great place to talk to God- whether it’s just one phrase of praise or your reminder was set to pray for Susie’s surgery.  If you get honked at, assume it is because of your “Honk if you love Jesus” bumper sticker. (a joke. semi-funny joke, but still a joke.)

5. At the car wash.

You’re not going anywhere and I’m guessing the machine will run the way it did the last time. Now if you wash your car by hand, you can still do this. It might take more focus, yes, but you can do it. ?

6. Lying in bed.

The first thought in my head when I wake up is typically: “Lord, give us strength to live for you and glorify your name.”  If it doesn’t pop into my head right away, then I at least make sure I say it before I stand up from the bedside.

At night, I often fall asleep while praying.  I don’t think God is offended at that one bit. I think He loves it.  This is when I pray for my husband too.  Those of you who have read my books might remember the story of how my husband worked night shift for ten of our married years until God answered our prayer for his job to change.  The habit of praying for him while we are in bed lying next to one another is even more special because just having him home at this time of night is answer to prayer!

So I’ve given you a few of my places. How about you?  I know you have some times and places that work for you and I’d so love it if you could share them. Or maybe you just never thought about praying to God anywhere at any time. There’s something so cool about having folks say- “Me too! ” I’d love to hear from you.

Where do you find time to pray?

By his grace,



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  1. Theresa Little says:

    I love to pray when I fold laundry. I see my family’s clothes and it reminds me to pray for that specific person. I also pray in the shower. I just seem to have the time and calm in there to think of the needs of others.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I relate to the sink,washing and laying in bed. I also fall asleep while praying and pray during the night when I wake up.

  3. Trenika Thomas says:

    I pray anywhere: driving, the kitchen sink, the bathroom, grocery store, work, walking down the hall (at work), etc. (everywhere, really), even the other areas you mentioned. I am happy I found your site to help me with prayer journaling. You mentioning the places to pray just helped me with confirmation that it is ok to just pray where you are. I get a little worried that maybe I overdue it (since I am new in my salvation). Thanks to you and all the other women who have commented on their prayer locations. God Bless You All!! I do have to share that because of the job I have, I commute 2 1/2 to 3 hrs everyday (one way) so this is the most important time I have to praise and pray. I just seem to never have any real quiet time because of the hours I have to dedicate to this job so this is the only real quiet time I have(paying for a change in my job/career). Sometimes I do have to catch myself but I know the Lord is always making sure I am “paying attention” to the road.

  4. I love your bible reading challenges each month. I have the journal for this month’s and I love it.

    Your places to pray are great and I plan to use them. I also go outside after dinner, enjoy the beauty of early evening and say a prayer while enjoying nature at this time of day. It’s a good way to unwind from the craziness of the day.

    Your “One More STep” book and videos were amazing. Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Bless you, Terry. You have no idea how much I needed a little encouragement today!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your ideas.
    Awhile back I started trying to bring The Lord up more often in my thoughts and conversations. When I find a parking spot, I will say “Thank you Lord for the parking spot!” When something exciting happens, I will exclaim “Yea God”. I think you get the idea. I’m a work in progress. I’m trying to always have Him on my mind.

  6. Your prayer locations I havent thought about before. One special place I pray is in the bath tub. I light a scented candle, turn off the light, and draw me a hot bath. I am able to relax my body in the water. My mind becomes clear of the goings on. Its just time for me to call on the Holy Spirit and thank God for what He has done for me. Its a real amazing time for me.

  7. Driving. I recently moved and my 10 minute ride to work turned into 40 minutes. Everyone was worried I wouldn’t like the ride, but they are wrong. I love the ride!! Why? Because I use that 40 minutes on the way to work to listen to christian talk radio. Get my head right for the day. Then on my way home, I use that time to unwind from a stressful day as a 911 dispatcher and pray all the way home. Just peace and quite, and talking to God.

  8. Danielle Patterson says:

    Amen, I am trying to make it a habit to pray more and not just in my secret place. Like the bible say pray without ceasing.
    Love the work u do for the Lord, u r a blessing to many people. Love your book.
    Be blessed ?

  9. Tamara McCulloch says:

    I appreciate you sharing your list of places to pray. I pray in several of the same places you named. Last year I vowed to look for things to be gratefull for and take a minute to thank God for these blessings, so I pray in unique places. I start my morning praying for the Holy Spirit in the shower. It is such a lovely, comforting feeling. I thank the Lord for the warm water, the cleansing and the fresh start to the day. I think of it as a daily baptism.
    Enjoy God’s blessings today.

  10. Thank you Rachel for this, great ideas,
    I’m glad to see others talk about praying in the bathroom, I’m not so weird after all.

  11. I love to get fresh air after a stressful morning at work so I love to take a walk to the super market. It’s abt 20mins. Very precious and rewarding

  12. sandisiwe says:

    l appreciate the places where most of you take time to talk to God.but my question is, will it be a silent prayer or one would be praying aloud. i do pray anywhere when ever l feel like praying but l do so by heart. l spend most of my time at work, am a secretary and most of the time l pray by heart while am doing my office duties.

    1. I think it can be whatever is appropriate for the setting you are in. Great question.

  13. Thanks Rachel for all of your posts! Like you, I admit to falling asleep while praying in bed at night! I think that those moments with him actually help release any stress that may otherwise keep me awake! And if (when) I get up in the night to use the restroom, I jump right back into those prayers. Who needs sleep aids? I have found most recently that praying when I get to work, after the car is in park but before I get out of it is a wonderful time to pray for His help with keeping me on His path, and that when people see/hear me, they somehow see/hear/feel His love.
    Thanks for sharing your light!

    1. That is so similar to me. I find myself praying if I wake up/get up during the middle of the night as well. It’s like I try to just stay in conversation with God and we pick up where we left off. I also pray when I get to work. I pray as I walk in that I would be patient and kind and that God would fill me more and more so I could pour out into others.

      So cool that your comments were so near to what I was thinking about posting myself!

  14. Thank you for some great ideas Rachel,
    I have always thought talking to God should always be prepared , like get home and praying after chores etc. But that just seemed so impossible with time always flying and the never ending list of things to do before bedtime.

    So in a sermon I listened to recently, it changed my whole perspectives and then I started learning how to just talk to God while at work and while walking out and about , I love talking while in bed but like you I sometimes dozens off ?
    So I never really thought of the kitchen sink, bank ques and as hectic as they can be . Thank you so much for the tips. Be blessed.

  15. I agree with Sandy O the bathroom. The shower is one place I talk to God the other is in my recliner while my husband is watching TV (really he is sleeping) and the last one is when I take my dogs out for their walk. I don’t think God cares where as long as you are communicating with him. Thanks Rachel for always sharing with us.
    God bless

  16. Sandy Ozanich says:

    This would be considered a very weird place to pray, but especially when my children were small I would pray in the bathroom – while “using” the bathroom. It was the only place where I could find privacy and quiet, so I would “sit” a little longer and talk with God. Besides what more humbling position can a person be in anyway??? LOL

    Be a blessing because you ARE blessed!

  17. Rebecca J McDermott says:

    I pray when I’m taking a bath out shopping and doing yard work I believe you and I can pray where ever we are even if it’s just saying Jesus help me or thank you God for being with me right know

  18. I love the list of places to pray that you sent us today. When my children were younger, I found the only alone time I had was in my car coming and going to work/home. I could listen to praise music and pour out my heart to God. My mother found out what I was doing and she had one question, “You don’t close your eyes, do you?” No, I didn’t close my eyes, but I found my day at work and my return home each night was much smoother when I spent those minutes talking to God.
    Years later, I had begun working for a community college and my supervisor spent quite a bit of time driving to and from work. He drove through several counties every day and had to cross a rather long bridge, his habit was to pray and “throw” his work troubles into the lake as he drove over the bridge every night. On his return trip in the morning, he would pick them up again.
    Thank you again for your wonderful ministry. You have truly blessed me in this past year and I foresee another good year together.

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