5 Ways to Encourage Intentional Bible Reading

You’ve longed to read your Bible more frequently and somehow, it hasn’t happened. That sermon you heard on drawing closer to Jesus stirred your heart, but Bible reading seems like such an item on the to-do list. Your New Year’s resolution to read your Bible every day seems doable until about 3 weeks in. Or 3 months. Or even 3 days. So you throw your hands up in the air and ask for forgiveness. Again.

How can you truly, practically be purposeful about reading your Bible every day? Oh, I have so been there. Years and years ago, I read my Bible faithfully, but when I finished reading it, I checked it off the list and was done for the day. Other seasons of my life, I’ve failed to read at all. And still other seasons, it’s been hit or miss. On and off. Today I wanted to share with you 5 ways to encourage intentional Bible reading. My prayer is that one of these simple hints will stir your heart to spend more time reading God’s love letter to you! Ready?

1. Read at the same time every day.

We brush our teeth at the same times each day. We eat at (hopefully) the same times each day. Anything we long to do in rhythm with life requires that we form a routine around the desire. Whether on your morning commute, before you even eat breakfast, or after you take a shower, having a scheduled time to read God’s Word will encourage the spiritual habit of doing it.

2. Use a reminder.

Whether scheduling a quiet time with God in your planner or using your phone reminder, a visual reminder of your goal to spend time reading God’s Word will prompt you in the right direction. Set an alarm on your kitchen clock, alarm clock, smartphone, or laptop.

3. Set up a place to read.

Yes, I’ll be honest, I love to read anywhere and everywhere. God is available to you no matter where you are. But if you have a place you go to in order to meet with Jesus, it will help you focus not only on consistently slowing down to enjoy time with the Lord, but also showing up to meet him in the place you’ve indicated. I love my husband to the moon and back. If I say that I’m going to meet him at Jeni’s for some ice cream, then you’d better believe I won’t miss it, no matter what. Indicating a place to spend time with God provides accountability.

4. Keep God’s Word accessible.

I love Bible apps for this very reason! You can have the Word of God at your fingertips every place you go when you use a Bible app. My favorite is the Olive Tree Bible App, but if you’d like more suggestions or want to know why I love this particular app so much, you can check out more information on Bible apps. I also keep a New Testament in my purse and a full Bible in the van door. Just in case my phone battery dies, etc. I have a Bible on my nightstand and one on my desk. I know that if I keep these Bibles in my sight, I will use them more often.

5.  Use a Bible reading plan.

Plan your work; work your plan. Plan what you love; love what you plan. I love God’s Word and because I know without a doubt that God has called me to share it with others, I love to create Bible reading plans. Our communities have completed over 20 Bible reading challenges, using a simple Bible reading plan to keep us accountable to God’s Word. Looking back at all we’ve soaked in over the months and years is incredible to me! But none of that would have happened, none of us would have experienced the kind of heart change that occurs when you’re soaking up God’s Word daily, without having a plan. Check out the Bible printables section and look at all the FREE Bible reading plans you can print for your personal use.

I’d love to hear from you today. What tip can you share about intentional Bible reading?

Also, check out the January 2018 Bible reading challenge, Pure Joy: Cultivating a Happy Heart, as well as the beautiful new Bible reading plan and journal combination available for purchase!




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  1. i cannot say how happy and blessed i am to be so encouraged and trully enjoying the reading challenges and enjoying it in fact, thank you so much all the way from Namibia in Africa

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