5 Reminders We Serve the God Who Never Tires

5 reminders that we serve the God who never tires and always provides strength
Aren’t you glad to know the God who never tires?  This morning in the Trusting God Bible reading challenge, I read:

Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases. Psalm 115:3

My husband and I are taking a much-needed, hard-earned rest this week. Here was my view as I read the above verse:

Need the reminder that God never tires? Here are a few to help you discover rest in him...


I don’t know about you, but my pace has been almost frantic for a few weeks. I have some loose ends to tie up this week while resting and most of all, I find myself needing to draw strength from the Lord, the one who does all that he pleases. I have limits; he has none. Join me and enjoy these 5 reminders that we serve the God who never tires.

1. God’s Word reminds us that while we grow tired and weary, God is never tired. Read these 16 Bible Verses for when you feel exhausted.

2. Comparing someone else’s abilities and strengths to my own is a waste of energy. Being strong doesn’t look the same for everyone.

3. Prayer can relieve exhaustion like nothing else. If you are too tired to know what to pray, then use this prayer for when you feel exhausted.

4. Check out this list of reminders of 5 places to run when you need strength at The Better Mom.

5. Need to relax and reclaim God’s Promises? Set aside a few minutes to watch the video of teaching on the Names of God. Be still and know who he is.

Have a marvelous Monday!


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  1. I hope you both have a restful week and just can take a few minutes to do something that will make you both happy. May God Bless you!!

  2. Nikki Bolton says:

    Hi Rachel
    I watched your Relax and Reclaim message and it really touched me. I do have my own story but was so encouraged by yours… it really blessed me so thank you.

    1. May the Lord continue to redeem your story and spread news of his love. Thanks, Nikki.

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