4 Simple Bible Study Methods


If you’ve followed the blog for long, you know that I love to study God’s Word. And I really love participating in structured, written Bible studies of all kinds. But can I just tell you that a girl needs to know God’s Word for herself? I enjoy reading and hearing what others learn from their Bible study and that encourages me a ton. But there’s nothing like reading and listening to what the Holy Spirit whispers to my heart personally. Here are 4 simple methods I use to study God’s Word that I thought you might enjoy on your own:

1. Read the passage in various translations. Sometimes a word will jump out at me in one translation that assists me in further understanding the verse. Our family owns several parallel translation Bibles that make it simple to read the same chapter or verses of different translations within a page or so.

2. Use online Bibles for easy searching and finding. Three of my favorites: YouVersion, BibleGateway, and BlueLetterBible.org. All three of these are FREE!

3. Organize your Bible reading.  Use a daily reading schedule; this site has some GREAT ones with a ton of variety. You could choose to read it through in a year.  Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, here is a 90 day schedule. You can even choose to have your Bible reading emailed to you here.

4. Learn how to use Bible study tools.  Commentaries, dictionaries, and concordances- what are they for and why are they important? A commentary will give you an opinion on the passage.  A dictionary will provide word definitions, and concordances will cross-reference passage for similarities of wording.

While these four methods have been gold to me for the past ten years or so, can I encourage you to not only read and study, but stop and listen?

Knowing about Jesus is wonderful,

but knowing Jesus is even more wonderful.

I’d love to see your simple Bible study tips in the comments below! You always have great ideas- so share them with us!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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  1. I like to just stop a moment and pause and THINK about what I’m reading, and ask myself what it is saying to me. So many times I can just easily pop off an answer without thinking too in depth. But when I pause and look at the context and look at the verse(s), and prayerfully think about how I can apply it to my life now I get much more out of it than if I superficially answer whatever is at the top of my head the moment I read it.

    I also like to write down the verse, the date, and my answers. I don’t journal it all the time, but much of the time.

  2. Thank you for the resources. I really like reading Scripture from various translations, so I use BibleGateway all the time, but haven’t tried the others.

  3. Your top 3 are MY top 3, especially YouVersion. Greatest phone app EVER, and so many great reading/devo plans. And a good, solid commentary is a must-have.
    I love inductive studies (like PUP) because they use scripture to interpret scripture. They take a lot longer, but are SO worth it because it helps me answer 3 questions:

    What does it say?
    What does it mean?
    How does that look in my life?

    Thanks, Rachel!

  4. Rachel, thanks so much for this brief post. At first glance it should seem like these tips are common sense, but thats not always the case. Sometimes studying the Word of God can be difficult, so it’s helpful and refreshing to find help like this post. Thanks too for the links you posted. Planning on choosing a plan in the next few minutes. I loved your closing advice as well. I hope you post more about learning to understand what you read, and listening as you read and as you wait. Listening for me, is the hardest part.

    Thanks again,
    PS: One of my favorite ways to study the Bible is with my note takers Bible. It has lines on the sides of each and every page, and I have been steadily filling them up. If God reveals something to me as I read, I write down immediately so I won’t lose it. Also, tend to mark passages that I’d like to come back to and study deeper. 🙂

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