Bible Reading Challenge Check-In


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Hey Friends! Monday is here and so is the Bible Reading Challenge check-in! After being so excited to have caught up on the reading, I got a day behind this week.

My time was filled with party preparations for the annual Ohio MPS family gathering that my husband and I host each year and I had a hard time adjusting and balancing my time throughout the whole week. This is the 12th year we have hosted this event. The first year we had about 27 people. Last year we had around 180 And this year, my approximate number at this point was 160. This number includes children affected by MPS and their families.

In the picture below, you will see 16 children affected by MPS. Just toconnect the dot s for you, my daughter, Taylor, has MPS and remember that Team Lift Your Voice on American Bible Challenge was playing for the National MPS Society?



I’m hoping to catch up quickly on the Bible Reading Challenge this week. And how is the reading going for you? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a marvelous Monday!



Fascinating Article and Video Share from Columbus Dispatch


Hey Friends!
It’s the typical hopping summer week for the Wojo tribe. HUGE Birthday shout-out to my husband, Matt, on his 50th birthday yesterday!! We are celebrating with a big backyard party tomorrow, so you can imagine the hustle and bustle at our house today. It’s also the last day of school for the middle 4 kiddos AND our family was featured in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper today! Here’s a peek at the video they shared:

You can find the article on the Dispatch website right HERE.

Special thanks to Joanne ViViano for her excellent story coverage!

Just wanted to be sure to share the article with all of you and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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Rare Disease Day


Today is Rare Disease Day. As many of you know, my daughter, Taylor, has a rare genetic metabolic disorder, MPS. Her subtype is known as Sanfilippo Syndrome. Her disease is neurologically degenerative and the average lifespan for her type of MPS is 10-15 years. Taylor is 17 and God has graciously blessed us all with her health. While we have our ups and downs, each day we live is by faith, trusting God’s plan for our lives on a daily basis.

For more information on MPS, check out the MPS Society website and for more information on Rare Disease Day, check out

I hope you’ll wear jeans in her honor today. And if you think of it, purple is the MPS color, as well as Taylor’s favorite color.

Have a fantastic Friday!