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What’s In The Bible? is featuring the Carnival of Courage today on their blog.  How exciting is that!! Here’s a little glimpse of my writing there and thanks for clicking over to their site to read the rest!

What’s in the Bible? Supports Carnival of Courage

I’ll never forget two specific days in the life of my daughter’s journey with her disease.  The first was the day we received Taylor’s diagnosis of MPS.  After seeing over twenty-some doctors and relentlessly searching for an answer to her difficulties since birth, at four years of age, the test results were positive for the rare metabolic disorder of MPS, mucopolysaccharidosis.

The second day I’ll never forget was six months later when the doctor’s office called and told us they just diagnosed another patient and would our family like to meet theirs?  Would we ever!  The ins and outs of dealing with rare disorders, such as MPS, is tough.   Eleven years ago, it was even tougher.  Social media hardly existed. Facebook and Twitter weren’t options of connection like they are today.  We felt…

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