Your God Will Come

Imagine what it would be like to have the  loss of one of your senses.

Imagine a silent world. No laughter or music. Missing the glorious sound of the Hallelujah Chorus.

Imagine a dark world. No rainbows. No lush, green meadows. Not knowing your favorite color.

Imagine the inability to communicate. Having feelings that are so very real, but no ability to express them.

It has been nine years since Taylor last called for me.


She can no longer formulate words. Her vocal sounds are loud and unintelligible when they are there.

So when I stand up in a seated church, and praise the Lord with my hands lifted high over a song, I’m not being showy.  Oh no.  I just don’t give a second thought to what someone might think about my standing to praise Him.

When “the mute will shout for joy” at the return of my Saviour, I don’t know who will be louder:



my sweet girl.

But for now, I’ll anticipate the day…and stand to praise Him for what He will do.

He WILL come.


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