You Might Be A Blogger If…

I’m headed out to the Allume Conference tomorrow- a place where Christian women unite, learn about each other and grow together as we shed our lights through the world of blogging and social media.  Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped! 🙂

The one item of feedback I continually receive on the blog is:

You either make me laugh or make me cry- and sometimes both!

Since we cried our way through the post from yesterday, today, I present to you a harmless post for my blogging friends- You Might Be A Blogger If…

If you carry thumb drives in your purse…just in case-

You Might Be A Blogger.

If your packing list includes a surge protector…

yep, you might be a blogger.

If you thought twice about putting the word “blogger” on your business card…

You just might be a blogger.

If you’ve ever had to explain that “vlogging” is not a misspelled word..

You might be a blogger.

If your family asks before every picture, “Is this going on the blog?”…

yep, you might be a blogger.

If you’ve ever hit “publish” accidentally, WAY before you intended to…

you might be a blogger.

If you’ve ever jumped out of the shower to scribble down an idea before you forget it…

you just might…

probably are…

a blogger.

And last but not least,

If you’ve ever woken up in a sweat because you dreamed that you forgot to renew your domain name….

You might be a blogger.

Love you, blogging friends! Looking forward to those I have the opportunity to see over the next few days!! Would love to read your “You might be a blogger” in the comments!

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  1. Yup-I laughed out loud.

    Here’s a couple that happen to me on a regular basis:
    If your family turns to you in the midst of an amusing mis-adventure and asks with eyebrow raised, “This isn’t going on the blog, is it?”

    When your family calls or emails to share or point you towards great blog ideas, you might be a blogger.
    Thanks for the smile today and I hope Allume was all you prayed for and more!

  2. LOL my kids have shoved fingers in my face and said, “Do NOT blog about this!” My thing is updating posts after they’ve published. No matter how many times you read a post, stuff still slips through the cracks!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your Allume tweets, Rachel. I just returned from a mission scouting trip and couldn’t make it this year, but looking forward to Allume 2013 (Lord willing)!

    Hugs from VA,

    1. Thanks so much, Susan! Glad someone is reading the tweets! 🙂 Sometimes cyberspace seems like the black hole. Blessings to you!

  3. Too fun! Love you Rachel and have FUN!!! ~ Love, Amy 🙂

  4. Haha…you got me at the family asking if the pic will be on the blog.

    Looking forward to meeting you at Allume!

  5. If you dream about writing & formatting posts… and then wake up wishing you could remember what you wrote about! Great list Rachel! Have a wonderful time at Allume!!

  6. You base your family’s meal plan on what recipes you want to blog that week.

    Have fun at Allume. SO wish I was going!

  7. Have such a wonderful time! I hope I can be there next year. Take a deep drink of fellowship. 🙂

  8. If you’re forever taking photographs of the really strange or commonplace because they just illustrate a point….

  9. Oh my! That last one is a true story for me! haha!! Turns out that it was all good, but boy, the nightmare!!
    I certainly fit most of those categories!

    If I’d thought about it, I should have sent a “Flat Kela” (you know…like Flat Stanley) to you so that I could get an inside peek of Allume! There are so many blogger friends that I long to say hello to!
    Perhaps I can say hello to you also (maybe a M.O.M.s gathering?! hmmm…gotta talk to Stephanie about that one 😉 )

    Enjoy your time my friend!

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