A Prayer for When You Feel Not Good Enough

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There’s nothing like that look of disapproval from someone across the room to make your knees shake and your lip quiver. Or maybe there’s no look of disapproval, but you expect one at every corner because your confidence is lacking and your insecurity soaring. After preparing 10 Bible Verses for when you feel “not good enough” several weeks ago, today I felt led to pray for you. Well, after I’ve prayed a prayer for when you feel not good enough myself. May Jesus be our confidence!

Dear Jesus,

When I look at the glory of Your creation,

my mind fills with admiration

and my heart fills with wonder.

How could I applaud all of Your work

and fail to recognize it in my own life?

I forget that You’ve changed me.

That You loved me when no one else did.

And You love me when no one else does.

That You, the most High God, chase after me

because I am important to You.

Help me remember You have a work to do

In me. And through me.

Please help me to see just how precious

I am to You.

That You started a good work in my heart

And You’ve promised to complete it.

May I boldly embrace each opportunity

to reveal Your divine design.


a prayer for when you feel not good enough





  1. Beautiful timely prayer. I join you in this prayer to our amazing redeemer.

  2. Thank you for the prayer today! How wonderful it is to be reminded that God chases after us because we are important to Him. The visual that comes to mind with those words is so comforting. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. Praise God that each of us is precious in His sight! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  4. Rachel, as always, you seem to have just the prayer I need when I need it! God is so perfect at answering us this way… through His Word and each other! Thank you!

  5. A beautiful prayer, and it touched my heart greatly tonight. Thank you.


  6. Amen! Amen! Amen! This prayer brought a huge smile to my soul/heart/face 🙂

  7. As always you post things at the right time- so needed to read through this and that prayer as I too don’t feel good enough and like quitting! But reading thorough the verses gives me hope to keep going and doing my best and knowing that god is with me! Thank you!!!

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