What If We Wanted God

Last Wednesday evening I clicked that magical word “send” and after months of hard work, my book was back in the hands of the editor.

Thursday morning I hopped on a plane and headed to the If:Gathering. It’s strange — if someone asked me why I was going to the If:Gathering, I couldn’t really say. I wasn’t sure what it was about; I simply was invited and believed God to be whispering that I needed to be in Austin, TX for the weekend.


Sometimes the things we know God wants us to do won’t make any logical sense.

In fact, the closer I draw to God, the more things make less sense and require more faith. My journey to Austin began with two books tucked into my bag for reading during travel. I didn’t know it but the books were fuel for the flames God is stirring up in my heart and among his people. I’ve felt it in my soul- a stirring for renewal and rejuvenation. A revival in our churches. A holy discontentment to be more for God and therefore, do more for God. I highly recommend both books- but not unless you’re ready to live for God like you mean it.


Faith is what If:Gathering is all about.

How could I possibly describe to you the supernatural work of God through mere human beings?

You see, I came not understanding the purpose of If:Gathering, neither corporately or personally. But upon arrival, I began to interview women and ask them: Why are you here? What brought you here?

And the answer came back the same over and over again:

I need more of God. I want to know what I should be doing in my community and my church.

As evidenced by the leaders of the meeting, Jennie Allen and Jen Hatmaker.

jennie allen quote 2


jen hatmaker quote


Essentially If:Gathering is a movement of women who are not satisfied to sit in a pew, week after week, checking off their obligations and checking up on their social calendar.

No, these women are brave and bold.

They are full of faith and warriors for Christ.

They are showing up and want God to show up.

They wanted to meet with him daily and wanted to see him work daily.

I can’t help but wonder:

What would happen if more women really wanted God?


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  1. This statement that was made by Jen Hatmaker in that gathering really grabs my attention. “Faith does not erase doubt or fear; it overcomes them.” The thing is that as long we’re still living in that body we will always have to face doubt or fear because we’re subject to this thing as a result of human weaknesses. But, what faith does instead it impels us to look far beyond our human feelings by trusting God. Doubt, anxiety, fear, and so forth may come our way, but we come to end of ourselves and make declare that we will trust God no matter what.

    As mentioned in your post, exercising faith in God is nowhere to be an easy undertaking because it’s based on having us doing things that don’t even make sense to us humanly speaking. Faith also implies making choices that excel our very being by relying in a God whom we cannot even see or touch. Nevertheless, it’s what required of us by God in order to please Him. Lastly, it’s very element that grants us access to the countless blessings of God.

  2. I, too, wondered what the purpose of IF:Gathering was. Nice to hear your take on it, Rachel. It’s interesting to think that the closer we step to God, the more we are asked to step out in faith.

  3. Rachel, I too was in Austin and felt the Spirit moving each time we gathered! Praise God for meeting us there and giving each of us a next step.

  4. Great post. God asks us to show up and He is waiting there for us. As we step into the river, trusting just a little, He asks us to come in knee deep, then waist deep and then swim out where He has full control of our days and our destiny. The body of Christ is being called deeper with Him and we need to individually and corporately respond. So glad that you were blessed by this gathering!

  5. Mary Geisen says:

    I was so privileged to sit in a room of beautiful women locally watching, learning and absorbing God at the IFGathering. My heart is not the same and it terrifies as well as excites me. It’s hard to explain but God knows and my faith step will be to be real with who I am and move beyond my four walls of comfort to shine for Him. Thank you for sharing this as well as your experience. Blessings!

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