16 Virtual Ways to Say I Love You

Today I’m excited to bring to you 16 virtual ways to say I Love You.  Valentine’s Day is NEXT WEEK- can you believe it? Super fun list for you today! Hope you will share you own ideas in the comments.

1. Send an email.

2. Create a paper sign and take a photo, then send the photo electronically via email or phone message.

3. Send a quick text or social media message.

4. Leave a facebook wall video of “your song.”

5. Leave a blog comment. (ahem. no hints or anything… 🙂 )

6. Send an ecard. (Fantastic FREE Christian e-card service at Dayspring.)

7. Order a gift online with surprise delivery.

8. Read an ebook, devotional app or Bible app aloud to each other.

9. Play a game app with your spouse. (Word games are fun!)

10. Start a Pinterest board of things your spouse loves or places you want to go together.

11. Use Instagram for photos of special moments.

12. Create a virtual scavenger hunt for your spouse. Make a list of links to visit in order. The first letter of each link visited would be collected to spell out a message.

13. Use Facetime or Skype- also Facebook has video calling. (I think it’s better than Skype!)

14. Create a video. You could email it or place on YouTube to declare your love for all the world to see. 😉

15. Create a word picture similar to the example below. You can use a free online service like Wordle.net, even for the not-so-tech-friendly.


16. Create an online photo album using Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Smilebox.

 I’d love to see your ideas or links in the comments below! What ways do you have for using technology or social media to show your love or encouragement?


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