Top Post for July 2011: Big Girl Bed

7.26.11: Sweet Toddler Tarah moved up in the world on Saturday night. Her first night in the big girl bed. No more baby bed.


Having reached age 2, she was ready.  Having reached the proud state of independence prior to age 2, she was ready.  Having an almost 4 month old baby kick her out of the bed…she was forced.

The day had been coming though I postponed it several times. Things had to be just right. The appropriate sheets (Dora the Explorer) had to be on the bed. Older sister, Tristina, had to be moved up to the top bunk. The ever so important step of rearranging stuffed animals. (Hey, that can be life-changing.) Change was coming.

But the one thing my husband and I failed to view before this big night:
the weather.

So we picked the worst “first night in a big girl bed” in parenting history. Everything was great.

For awhile.

Somewhere around 2 am, a thunderous boom cracked through the air and the entire sky lit up even through the window blinds. Raindrops poured on the roof like the ruthless buckets of water at the community center’s lazy river.
Needless to say,for about an hour, I was kicking myself that in the middle of a new sleeping arrangement, an unforeseen circumstance caused my hubby to miss an hour of sleep as he comforted and soothed the big girl…in the new big girl bed. (not intended to comfortably sleep 6 foot sized men.)

But the big girl Tarah woke up the next morning just fine.  And she has slept 2 nights and 2 naps in the bed without any further issue. (Though there is a gate on her bedroom door to buy extra parenting time if necessary.)   And frankly, she is a bit proud of herself for sleeping in the big girl bed.

However, I wonder how many of us are ever ready for the “big girl bed.”

That move, that season, that circumstance, that job change.

The next big thing, our God-given life assignment.

Maybe there are circumstances you weren’t expecting.  

A storm at 2 am.

Life issues that came without warning.  

Oh, you prepared, made specific decisions, prayed for wisdom. But although you were lying in the big girl bed; you weren’t resting easy.

It took time in the arms of your Heavenly Father before you were soothed and comforted into the freshness of a new day.

The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” Zeph. 3:17

Might I encourage you to enjoy that “big girl bed” as you rest in the lavishing love of our God?

He loves you. And He wants His will to be your saving grace.

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