Top Post April 2011: Who Does She Look Like?

Since Tessa Grace has arrived, the one question I’ve heard frequently is:
Who does she look like?
For our sweet T, I originally thought she looks like our almost two yr. old, Tarah.  And Tarah is sooo much like her big sister, Taylor. But then over the days, I began to see my other babies.   When she opens her eyes so big and looks right at me, I think of baby Michael.  Her chin reminds me of Tristina.  Her beautiful skin had to come from Daddy.

So what are people really asking?  Which of her family members does she most closely resemble.  Does she look more like Mommy or Daddy?  Which sibling does she seem to look most alike?

Tuesday evening, my sister in law and I were watching Session 8 of Esther, Beth Moore’s Bible study.  One particular thought has not left my mind in two days.  I can’t quote Beth word for word, but it went something like this:

The world does not care about your personal relationship with Jesus.  That’s for you.  It’s good, but it’s not for them.  They don’t want to know about relationship.   They want to see how much you resemble Jesus.   They want to see resemblance, not relationship.  This is when they sit up and take notice.

So I’ve been asking myself for two days.  When folks talk about me, are they saying:
Who does she look like?

Because she is so kind, so compassionate, so full of love that there is only one person who could be her heavenly Father.  Only one person could she resemble.

Or is the family resemblance missing?

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