8 Things Not To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Because when you are overwhelmed, your biggest wish is a list of things to do, right?

I mean, aren’t the current lists long enough? And don’t those lists have enough company of the lists of other items you have to accomplish?

Not to mention the things that need done but haven’t made their way up to priority level just yet?!

As wife, mom to 7 and woman who wears many hats, here are my eight favorite things not to do when I feel overwhelmed.

1. Don’t add any more items to your schedule until you have eliminated items. 

There is only so much time in a day. Without margins in our lives, we have no space to breathe.

2. Don’t allow internal negative chatter to escalate.

Paul gave us a very complete to-think list in his letter to the Philippians. I have an entire series of posts on this topic dedicated to learning not what to DO, but how to THINK. You can find it here.

3. Don’t miss your daily quiet time with God.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt extremely overwhelmed, only to very quickly realize that I had not asked God for instruction for the day, nor had I given any thought as to His plan for the day- only mine.

4. Don’t jump in too quickly- purposely slow down.

Oh, this one gets me frequently. I fail to stop and weigh the choices. My anxiousness then adds rashness and pretty soon I’m feeling overwhelmed.

5. Don’t pick your burdens up after you’ve left them at Jesus’ feet.

Take it to the Lord in prayer…and then leave it there. I know- worry and anxiety creep in.  We grab those bags of burdens and hoist them back on our shoulder again. Leave them. Walk away and trust the perfect plan of the Father.

6. Don’t fail to nourish and exercise your body.

When our bodies feel weak, our minds are easily deceived into feeling overwhelmed. For me personally, running is more of a mental health asset than a physical asset. Try it- you might like it!

7. Don’t withdraw from your support system.

It’s easy for me to want to shut down all incoming messages when I feel pushed to the limit. Even messages from the people I love and appreciate the most can appear to be foes instead of friends if I feel overwhelmed.

8. Don’t forget that God’s Word is our refuge and strength.

Pausing for a few moments to read Scripture will work wonders on feelings that threaten to overwhelm us. If you need an easy-to-read list of references, check out 10 Bible Verses for When You Feel Overwhelmed.

What are your favorite things NOT to do when you feel overwhelmed? Will you share them with us?



  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I really needed to read #1 right the moment! I actually wrote a post last week about being Worn Out & Overwhelmed – it was 5 tips that God showed me that I needed to do – this is the perfect counter to it in what NOT to do!

  2. Vernice Hayes says:

    Thank you so much for this. This is truly God sent for me! I have been struggling with feeling overwhelmed greatly for about two weeks now. I’ve tried to talk to my husband but I don’t think he truly gets it. So this is just what I needed. They all stick out to me because I’m guilty of them all, but the one that hit me they most was not neglecting my time with God. I have slacked on this tremendously. I definitely need to get back to my normal.

  3. So glad I found this today. I was wondering why I was finding everything so overwhelming and I realise I am doing most of the 8 things, trying to do everything in my own strength. I’m off to check out 10 Bible Verses for When You Feel Overwhelmed.

  4. Thanks for the post. The reminder to leave my burden at Jesus’ feet is one that I’m really working on right now. Sometimes, though, I really am not sure how I’m supposed to do that. What does it look like, practically speaking, to leave my burdens at His feet? Do you have a specific example of a time in your life when you did this?

    1. Hey Sarah! I really wanted to give you a more thorough answer. So today’s post is in answer to your question. I hope it helps with your faith journey and the Lord blesses you greatly!

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