The Dress…It Will Wash

Yesterday, almost first thing in the morning, my friend, Melanie, came over to do a photo shoot for my two littlest girlies. With Christmas tree in the background and their black and white red-sashed dresses, they certainly are precious!

(Since Melanie is editing, I have just a pic of one of the Christmas trees at our house this year. Can’t wait to show you the sweet pictures of my girlies!)

After the photos were taken, and Miss Melanie left, the girlies and I were back to normal routine. But Toddler Tarah wasn’t quite ready for the “let-down.” She was enjoying her ballet moves, swirling about in her dress, with her hands over her head. Her pirouettes were full of flare… and smiles. She kept saying, “Doesn’t my hair look beautiful?” and indeed it did, all swept up on her head, curls dangling and hair bow shining. When my Taylor was her age, I would probably have forced her to take off her dress and told her in no uncertain terms that I didn’t want her to get it dirty or stained.

But yesterday, I just let her be. Why not? She looks beautiful. She feels beautiful. She is beautiful. Why be so worried about a stain or dirt? The dress will wash. We have stain remover.

For the amount of time that Toddler T will actually fit into that dress, my desire is that she enjoy every single moment of it. For the moment will pass quickly enough. Children grow. Too quickly, I’m afraid.

Just want to encourage you to plan your schedule this month with those moments in mind.

Use paperplates if you need to.

Eat pb&j cut into Christmas shapes.

Make that extra batch of cookies- and eat them all together.

Hover over the manger scene and discuss what it really was like that night.

Soak up all the glory of the Christmas season…and don’t worry about the dress.

It will wash.

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  1. Great Rachel!! Just what I’ve loved doing with my little girl. It’s such a precious time together.

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Totally agree. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

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