Thankful Thursdays…

In continuing with giving thanks for dedicated Christian individuals, this week I chose Pam Koons.   I first met Pam through the church newborn nursery almost nine years ago.  She was the first worker to which I passed my sweet son, Michael, and her attentiveness and care to not only his needs was prevalent, but also her care to my own emotions over leaving him.  I remember her saying with comfort,”Now here is your pager and if we even think he needs you, we WILL page you.”  Definitely calming words to a nursing mother’s ears.

Pam has worked in the church nursery at least nine years or longer every Sunday morning and many Sunday nights.  She is committed and dedicated to loving on little ones while their parents attend the church service with reassurance that their baby is being cared for and loved by dedicated professionals.

During Vacation Bible School each year, Pam has accomplished much of the work on a special gift for the mothers who work in VBS.  While their babies are treasured in the nursery, Pam takes photos and makes a special magnetic frame commemorating Vacation Bible School and the happy time the children had while they were there.  Each child is given a frame and personal photo to take home at the end of the week and we, mothers, cherish this little gift! It means so much to know that someone is caring graciously and wonderfully for your child while you are serving in another area of ministry.

Pam has personally attended to her aging and medically-fragile parents for the last several years until their passing to Heaven.  Her love and commitment to her entire family goes beyond measure.

This sweet lady has a special way with understanding special needs children.  This is dear to my heart as she loves on my own daughter, Taylor, each week as she passes her in the hallway.  Taylor only sees Pam once a week, but Pam has been so faithful to make it a point to greet Taylor, smile at her, and engage with her.  Her extra effort is precious and Taylor loves this attention.  Her recognition of Pam is her gift back to Pam.  Here are Pam’s words about Taylor:

I am grateful for being able to know Taylor. She is such a blessing to know. She makes my day when I get to see her. I love to hear her and watch her little face light up. I wish every one could see what I see in her.

Thank You, Pam, for being that person who looks beyond the surface and goes beyond duty!!

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” Matthew 25:40

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