Tessa’s Memorable 1st Sunday

Tessa had her first Sunday at church yesterday!  I love the privilege of feeling well enough to have babies in the nursery the first Sunday after they are born.   That experience is a legacy passed down from my Mom, who did the same for me.

In the last nine years, Matt and I have had the privilege of having our children cared for in the Northwest Bible Church nursery.  Every ministry has dedicated leaders and staff, but how rare for us to have the experience of having Ms. Sue Thompson, our 0-6 month nursery supervisor, for five of our seven precious children.  If every church had a Ms. Sue, who lovingly and meticulously cares for newborns, wow, what a glorious thing that would be!

Sometimes you can’t find words to express your appreciation for an individual and that is the case today.  Here’s a feeble attempt:

Thank you, Sue, for all your hard work for many, many years.  For your commitment for caring for precious little babies while their parents worship and listen to the preaching of God’s Word.  For your undeniable love for babies and keeping them safe and clean at all times.  For making a mama’s heart feel at peace when she is tempted to run away from the nursery door and hold on to her baby instead of initializing those first steps to sharing that sweet gift from above.

Our family loves you and thanks you for being an essential part of our worship experience over the last nine years!

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  1. Sue is absolutely amazing! I don’t think a Sunday ever went by when I was worried about Hailey being in her care. She is so detailed when you drop the babies off, and you can see how much she loves each of the babies when she spots them at church!!

    1. Yep! It is funny how she shakes her head at all the kids when she sees them all together, as if it were just yesterday that we first took Michael to her. 🙂

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