Teaching Children to Trust God in All Things

teaching children to trust god

Teaching children to trust God in all things is not always easy. When life is tough, children aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions. Questions like:

  • Who made God?
  • Why do we have to breathe?
  • Where do babies come from?

You knew that last question was coming, right? But seriously, I love that my mom taught me a very young age to trust God in all things. Here are 5 ideas for teaching children to trust God in all things:

1. Teach children that God created everything.

When your child makes their own artwork, whether at home, school, or church, talk to them about how they created their art. Explain the creator of the art owns and loves the art. Using their own artwork as an example could help them to understand that just as they love their coloring creation, God loves His creation. He takes care of the whole world and He can be trusted to care for His creation.

2. Teach children what the Bible says about trusting God.

Here is a list of 15 Bible Verses for Trusting God in Tough Times. Take one at a time and talk through them. Remind them that God’s Word is always true and never changes.

3. Remind children of the answers to your family’s prayers.

One of my favorite answers to prayer in our family is when one of my daughters prayed for a baby sister. She prayed faithfully for a sister for many months and I love how God answered her prayer in such a beautiful way. If you’d like to read the entire story, you can find it in my book, The Sensational Scent of Prayer.

4. Teach children that God is bigger than our scope of understanding.

When I personally need the reminder that God’s plan is bigger than mine, I read the book of Job, especially chapter 38. To help children understand this concept, take a trip to the planetarium or use a stargazing app on the smartphone or tablet in the backyard at night.

5. Check out this awesome DVD resource from Hermie & Friends, I Will Trust God.

i will trust god

This wonderful DVD beautifully teaches children to trust God with the good and the bad. With two stories from the garden, Max Lucado provides the narration and Tim Conway provides the fun. What a wonderful way for children ages 4-7 to enjoy the lesson of learning to trust God!

If you’d like to order this 2 DVD set, you can do so here.

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  1. Rachel, those are simple yet beautiful ways to share the message that we can trust God always! With our children and grandchildren…the book seems like a great resource as well. Thx for the chance to win!

  2. God has showed up in so many big ways when He has put things on my heart that seemed (and were) impossible to do apart from Him. One of my favorites was stepping out in faith to go to my first ever bible study. So thankful you were the leader and for all the wonderful moments we all shared over those months!

  3. We tried a long time to get pregnant with our second child and when we told my son he was elated. When we were putting him to bed we prayed for the baby. The next day we asked him what he thought it would be. He immediately said A girl. God told me. After not being able to find the gender at the ultrasound we also started praying that it would be a girl. Delivery came and we got our baby girl and my 5yr old son got unshakeable faith!

  4. This is perfect timeing. Last night, my oldest son who is 6 just shouted out, ” I just LOVE God.” Look how he helped me choose the perfect colors to color this so beautiful….now if I can get him to focus on seeing God when things aren’t going his way!

  5. I attended language school in Quebec because I felt it was what God wanted me to do but when I ran out of money for tuition, I started to doubt I had heard God’s voice. I prayed for funds but had no idea how God could possibly provide them. I had exhausted all options! Much to my surprise, however, God sent a storytelling opportunity my way and I was paid the exact amount of tuition I still owed. I had agreed to it thinking it was for fun only…had no idea they were going to pay me! felt so LOVED and taken care of by God. I’ll never forget that story…especially when I start to doubt. He provided for me by allowing me to do something I love to do 🙂 What an awesome God!

  6. Due to some conflict with my husbands sister, who owned the home we lived in we had to look for a new place to live. Everywhere I tried to get a home it failed. I found this house that seemed to always pop up. It didn’t matter where I searched. I had lived in the house 30 years ago. After stressing myself to the extreme,I got down and prayed, I left it all in Gods hands. We closed on the house two weeks later,and thankful to God for guiding our footsteps in the direction we needed to go. We now. Have a beautiful home with a huge yard. Thank you God.

    1. what a wonderful story and experience to share with your children!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. My husband and I were living w/my in-laws when we found the house of our dreams for sale…huge bay windows, a swimming pool, and within our budget. Yet, every time we started the paper work on it, neither of us could get peace about it, no matter how hard we prayed. Finally, we gave up. Imagine our surprise, a couple of months later, when we heard that house had burned to the ground. Only God could foresee the heartache we would have endured had we pushed past His peace.

  8. I’d love to be able to share the did with the children church ministry at my church.

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