Simple Bible Study Guide for Any Passage

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Bible Reading Obstacles

I want to read the Bible, but I’m struggling. Please help!

Sometimes reading the Bible is tough for us. Why? Well, all kinds of reasons. We digest a huge amount of content these days, so training ourselves to focus can be challenging. Or maybe the language of the Bible version we are reading requires more time and energy to understand than our spoken language. There are all sorts of reasons we can offer for why we don’t read the Bible, even when we want to.

One of my goals through this website has always been to help you remove those obstacles! Keep reading if you’d appreciate a simple focus strategy.

Bible Study Strategies

Everyone is different! Your schedule, your current life demands, God’s whisper to your heart…all of those factors play a role in determining the Bible reading strategy or study method that will work for you. I would encourage you to think of the following factors when you choose a Bible reading plan or Bible study.

  • Set a realistic amount of time.
  • Choose a time of day when you won’t be interrupted or rushed. (If possible! I know: life.)
  • Try a plan or method several times before you determine it is not right for you.

A Simple Bible Study Guide

Having said all that, today I wanted to provide the questions I typically ask myself as I read a Bible passage. Several years ago, I shared a simple Bible study guide and it was very well-received and appreciated. I’ve updated it just a bit, but here are 4 questions for any passage of the Bible:

  1.  How could I summarize this chapter in three or four sentences?
  2. What verse or phrase stands out to me?
  3.  What does this chapter or the verse I chose above mean to me?
  4.  How can I apply this passage in my life today?

Often for question number 4, I don’t answer the question at the end of the reading, but I think, pray and meditate on it for awhile or off and on throughout the day and then write in  my journal or type in my app when I have a few moments.

I grew up reading the Bible and thinking through the Bible study steps of observation, interpretation, and application. I’m sure those original steps belong to a well-known teacher; I learned them from my pastor when I was a teenager.  

Feel free to customize the questions to your own preferences or make your own list of questions, but my hope is that the thoughts in this simple Bible study guide will assist you in consistent daily reading and studying God’s Word either in a group study or on your own.

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    Do you have a particular outlining or studying method for your Bible study? I’d love for you to comment!


    1. I’ve been suffering in pain since 2009 over the loss of two of my three children I’ve prayed and I’ve tried reading the Bible that I can’t seem to comprehend it seems easier to give up than to continue to try

      1. I”m so sorry, Jean. My heart aches for you in reading your words. I promise that reading His word is worth it. Open the psalms. I’ve read them over and over for the last year. Pour out your heart to the Lord. It’s all I can recommend. Much love and prayers.

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