She Speaks (and wants to write)

For almost the last three years now, God has been working in my heart about sharing His Word and work in my life with others through speaking and writing. The first year I felt the Lord calling me to lead a ladies’ Bible study in my home during the summer months. I didn’t feel as if I were “leading” the group; we just read together and shared our thoughts. Prayer time was precious as we held a community of requests before the Lord for each other. Almost immediately after we completed the study, the Lord very clearly directed me through the Word and I began to write a study on Hannah: The Power of Prayer. Last summer, I opened my home again and we studied the power of prayer through Hannah’s eyes. God’s blessing was upon that study and He graciously provided affirmation through the women in attendance. The Hannah study was “just what they needed” for that particular season of their lives. At the end of our designated time together, I felt the urge to compile the study into a written format and the Holy Spirit said, “It’s time to blog!” So I did.

As a result, many folks of all gender and ages have provided encouragement to me as I’ve blogged my “devotionals.” The various stories and blessings that Matt and I have experienced as a result of God’s work in our lives is just so bountiful. When I look at my life as a wife, stepmom, special needs mom, and just plain ol’ mom to 6, my heart’s desire is to be known as Just a Mom with a Heart for God. His place in my life is above all others and giving Him the throne of my life is how I have been driven to soar through difficult circumstances.  

Through trials and blessings, I have graciously been afforded the privilege to share the immeasurable abundance of His grace.

So: I am moving forward in what I believe God is calling me to do, by posting this article and requesting that I be awarded a scholarship to the “She Speaks” conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 ministries on July 30 through August 1, 2010. The conference is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in this field of ministry.   It would be great to have reader support! So leave a comment if you have a favorite article or just want to leave some encouragement (or “speak now or forever hold your peace.”) Thanks!!

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