Restore Me From Hurting to Healing Bible Reading Challenge 2021

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Welcome to the Restore Me from Hurting to Healing Bible Reading Challenge 2021

You’ve experienced brokenness on some level. I don’t know if you’ve lost a loved one, experienced disease, or encountered heart-breaking circumstances.

Maybe the suffering has been long and the wound in your heart feels like a gaping hole, racked with pain. You will walk the earth the rest of your remaining days with emptiness and pain that you never wished for.

The word “healing” is an interesting word. As a word nerd, I checked out the dictionary definition of “healing” and it can be an adjective or a noun. It can stand alone or describe another word. As a noun, it means “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.” As a verb, it means, “tending to heal; therapeutic.”

Do you know what’s striking? Neither definition is instantaneous. Each one indicates that healing is not typically a flash moment with a sudden change, but it is a gradual, moment-by-moment process.

I think most of us prefer the “blind man healed” kind of miracle.

We want God to touch our hearts with one Scripture, one moment, or one message and experience full, complete, miraculous healing of our hearts. Now I know God CAN do this as evidenced throughout the Bible and yes, He’s still fully capable of instantaneous healing today, but the question is:

How much heart-healing are we ready and willing to experience? And if we are willing, how do we receive that healing?

Dive into the Restore Me: From Hurting to Healing Bible Reading Plan and Devotional with me as we discover the path to embracing God’s healing hand on our hearts.

INTRODUCTION to the Challenge

Each month I host a monthly Bible reading plan and journal challenge to help our community enjoy reading God’s Word together and encourage our hearts to be faithful to Him.  Together, we have completed over 40 Bible reading plans, including both annual and monthly reading challenges. I’ve developed all sorts of strategies to help us read God’s word faithfully and there is nothing like this monthly system we are working through together.

Many readers have requested that I list our monthly resource at the beginning of this announcement post because you already know you want it and don’t need the details. So here you are! This month’s Bible reading plan includes a devotion AND journaling section, available for purchase as a digital download or paperback.



Check out all the details below!



  1. Follow the daily Bible reading plan and read the passage. Share what you are learning on social media if you’d like. My goal is to draw closer to Jesus and I want that for you too! This month the hashtags are: #restoremedevo #biblereadingplan
  2. Recommended: Journal your thoughts and prayers using the Restore Me: From Hurting to Healing Bible Reading Plan & Devotional digital download or paperback.This simple guide will help you stay focused and accountable. It will also leave a legacy for you to enjoy in the future!
  3. Optional: Join the Facebook group to see what others are learning and sharing. Enjoy our prayer community in the group as we pray for one another’s needs. Be in the know with bonus material such as practical tips, tools, and resources Rachel shares, Facebook live videos, and recently added focused music playlists based on the monthly Bible reading challenge topic.

Restore Me: From Hurting to Healing Bible Reading Printable

The Bible reading plan is not quite the same daily reading plan as the devotional for this month. The reason is that we are deep diving into Psalm 107 and will spend the entire month in this psalm. The Bible reading plan below relates topically to the main study, but because we are going in-depth into one passage, this Bible reading plan contains additional passages on the topic of healing your heart. For a thorough study on Psalm 107, I encourage you to purchase the digital download or paperback that includes a 5-minute devotion, a verse of the day, 3 journaling questions, one daily principle, and bonus Bible readings.

Restore Me: From Hurting to Healing BIBLE READING PLAN

  1. Revelation 21:1-7

2. Lamentations 3:17-26

3. Lamentations 3:27-40

4. Lamentations 3:41-51

5. Lamentations 3:52-66

6. Jeremiah 17:14-18

7. Psalm 34:1-11

8. Psalm 34:12-22

9. Psalm 147:1-11

10. Psalm 10:10-18

11. Psalm 85:1-9

12. Psalm 6:1-8

13. Isaiah 58:6-14

14. Isaiah 61:1-11

15. Psalm 73:21-28

16. Psalm 30:1-5

17. Psalm 23:1-6

18. Psalm 103:1-10

19. Psalm 103:11-22

20. Isaiah 53:1-12

21. Psalm 51:1-9

22. Psalm 71:18-24

23. Jeremiah 33:1-9

24. Psalm 28:1-9

25. 2 Corinthians 4:1-7

26. 2 Corinthians 4:8-18

27. Psalm 51:1-9

28. Psalm 107:1-9

29. Psalm 107:10-22

30. Psalm 107:23-32

31. Psalm 107:33-42

Download your digital book and screenshot the graphic to your smartphone to mark it as a favorite for easy daily digital access. You can additionally use a simple printable copy of the daily reading plan. Click on the graphic titles above or HERE to print out a copy of the Bible reading plan printable. Share one with a friend!

Ready? We’ll begin September 1st, just as we do each month!

By his grace,




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