6 Resources for Understanding Pain and Suffering

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bible reading challengeHey Bible Challenge Readers! I hope you have a moment to check in since it’s Friday. I have to be honest and tell you that I’m still behind a few days on the reading, but I’m hoping to catch up very soon! How’s it going for you? Be sure to leave a comment today!

It’s not news to tell you that the world is broken. The question begs to be answered:

Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?

Provident Films and Liberty University partnered with Kirk Cameron to answer this question in his new movie, Unstoppable. I personally can’t wait to see the movie!! Hoping for next Thursday.


Today I wanted to list 6 fantastic resources for understanding pain and suffering. Before you go watch Unstoppable (order tickets here for the second showing on Oct. 3), then take a look at these resources for practical assistance to understanding pain and suffering. If you know my family’s story with my daughter’s terminal illness, then you know this topic is ever so close to my heart.

pain and suffering

If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil Evil in the world is very real and if you haven’t experienced suffering, you will. Randy Alcorn outlines an answer to the question: how can there be a God if suffering and evil exist?

Touching the Hem: A Biblical Response to Physical Suffering is a great book with a very complete Biblical overview of suffering. This book thoroughly approaches who God is, what He has done in the past, where we are today and a glorious look at the future. The author, Elizabeth Johnson, writes from an experienced heart. My only wish for this book was that Elizabeth shared more of her personal story, but that is not a criticism- merely a wish! Through the circumstances surrounding her life, she has thoroughly researched and outlined a wonderful resource to comprehending pain and suffering. You can find more about Elizabeth here.


Stacy Williams hosts a wonderful contributing site, Finding Purpose in the Pain, and her 21 day devotional- 21 Days to Finding Purpose in Pain is a wonderful way to spend a concentrated effort in searching God’s Word as the true answer to finding purpose in pain and suffering. Stacy’s book will lift your heart and remind you just how much God loves you.

A diving accident left Joni Eareckson Tada a qudraplegic for life. This book reveals her entire story of learning to praise God in the life storm that left her completely dependent on others. Joni’s testimony is an excellent resource to journey through the steps of suffering and loss. You’ll be astounded at the honesty of hardship as you are inspired to pursue the path of perseverance.

In the typical style of the genius C.S. Lewis, this book targets the eternal question: Why must humanity endure suffering? Don’t miss this classic book of hitting the topic of pain with God’s Word. This book is strongly recommended only for Christians- those who have already accepted Christ as Savior.

Honestly, I’ve not read this book, but when a few of my friends heard me mention the other resources for this post, they highly recommended Does Grace Grow Best in Winter? The book is said to answer the question “Why me?” This one is on my wish list!

Click on the graphic or highlighted title to purchase any of the resources above.

Alright, Friends! Hope you have a fab Friday but before you go:

What resources would you add to this list of resources to understanding pain and suffering?


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  1. These are great resources! I just posted on pain and suffering this week, as well, so I’ll link this to the bottom of my post. I have never heard of that particular C.S. Lewis book, so I’m intrigued! 🙂

  2. Thank you Rachel, for reaching out through your own difficult circumstances to help others. This is a wonderful list of resources. Joni is one of my heroes. Living with chronic illness I often think, if Joni can keep persevering, I can as well.

    Two books by Elisabeth Elliot come to mind as additional resources – “A Path Through Suffering: Discovering the Relationship Between God’s Mercy and Our Pain”, and “Secure in the Everlasting Arms”.

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