Rescue Me Prayer

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Life on planet Earth is complex, isn’t it?

I’ve been reading the book of Psalms almost every day for several years. Some days, I just read one or a few verses, and other days, I read several chapters. Last week, I read Psalm 69. And then I read it again. And again. I originally highlighted verses 13-18:

But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord.
    At an acceptable time, O God,
    in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.
14 Deliver me
    from sinking in the mire;
let me be delivered from my enemies
    and from the deep waters.
15 Let not the flood sweep over me,
    or the deep swallow me up,
    or the pit close its mouth over me.
16 Answer me, O Lord, for your steadfast love is good;
    according to your abundant mercy, turn to me.
17 Hide not your face from your servant,
    for I am in distress; make haste to answer me.
18 Draw near to my soul, redeem me;
    ransom me because of my enemies!

Psalm 69:13-18

But then I found myself going back to verse 1 of the chapter and meditating on the entire chapter.

Someone once asked me what I pray for the most. It’s not so much what I pray for, as what I simply pray: “Help me, Jesus.” Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by sorrow or overtaken by suffering, that’s my prayer.

Help me, Jesus.

This morning, the Lord lengthened my prayer as a result of Psalm 69.

This “Rescue Me” Prayer is written for the hurting heart. The one that feels like you can’t go on. The heart that’s pained so deeply the simple rise and fall of your chest feels like too much. For the one who is facing circumstances you didn’t ask for or a situation the farthest from your dreams, this “Rescue Me Prayer” is for you.

Rescue Me Prayer

Dear God,

Save me.

Deep waters surround my soul,

And I can’t find a foothold.

I am sinking as life’s floods engulf me.

I’m weary and exhausted from crying out for help.

I can’t see you, Lord, for all the tears have swelled my eyes;

My vision is blurred.

You already know the sin in my heart; I give it to you.

You know that the enemy tries to destroy me with lies.

Even the people I love sometimes misunderstand me.

But no matter what is said to me or about me,

My prayer is to You alone.

Lord, hear me in your mercy.

With your never-ending, reckless love delivered in your perfect timing,

Pull me from the deep and rescue me.

Don’t let the waves overwhelm me or the deep waters engulf me,

Or the pit of death devour me.

Answer my prayer, O Lord.

For Your love never fails.

Because of your great mercy, you never give up on me.

Don’t hide from me; I desperately need to hear from you.

Draw near to my soul and redeem it.

For I long to praise your salvation with a thankful heart.


Based on Psalm 69

My hope is that you’ll use this prayer as your own whenever needed.

By his grace,



  1. This is such a beautiful prayer, Rachel, I really needed to hear this, prayers for you and your family to be strong

  2. I’m using this prayer right now because I’m at the end of my rope. And I have been telling Him I need to hear from Him, just as your prayer statea. On a daily basis. I need a miracle.

  3. Thank you so much I needed that, God bless. ❤

  4. What a great Rescue Me Prayer Rachel! I agree with other people that posted…I needed this prayer as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for this Rachel. It came at the right time. I needed this!

    Thank you

  6. Dear Rachel, My eyes well with tears as I read your prayer..I’m so thankful for you, & your heart that you so freely & willingly share..your words touch so deeply & your messages simply stated yet so profound & timely. Your courage amazes me. God bless you Rachel & May He always give you strength & peace for every day is my prayer.

  7. The Lord is GOOD dear Rachel. And He used you today, right when I needed it most and not on Monday when your mail arrived.
    It is exactly how I feel what Psalms 69 describes and exactly what your prayer expressed what I haven’t been able to put into words so far.
    Thanks to our Lord for your life, your obedience to the Holy Spirit and your faith revealed through your so precise words.
    I’ll make your prayer mine today.
    Thank you!!!!

  8. I find myself thanking Jesus Christ for all his blessing more and more even in my grieving I praise him for his being and being my social security all things that he give us is only temporary we may not understand it but it is so. Wonderful Rescue me Prayer Rachel.

  9. Thank you Rachel! I needed this prayer so badly. As I’m thanking you years are streaming down my face. This prayer is right on time for me, ready to give up and live in unhappiness. God bless you for your Grace and Mercy to share this prayer with us.

    1. You are never alone Wanda

  10. Hugs and Prayers to you and your family ❤️❤️❤️ Be still and know! You are not alone, God loves you and prayer warriors that you have never met, are surrounding you!

  11. Love it.. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to put a copy of this in my planner so I can see it all the time

  12. Thank you for this, Rachel! This prayer is amazing. Your faith is amazing. Keep striving, believing, and encouraging others. Thank you for this.

    1. This is beautiful ,it resonates to my current situation.Just shared it with a girlfriend going through some trials.
      Be encrourged,our God is faithful and is the greatest healer and restore of the broken and wounded.
      I trust and agree in prayer that God will do something amazing in the lives of hurting ,broken ,betrayed and rejected women.
      Keep up the good work Rachel,God bless you !!

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