Regret Free Parenting by Catherine Hickem

Regret Free Parenting is a great handbook for any parent, regardless of their child’s age, one book that I just had to share with my readers.   So many questions flow through our minds as parents as we attempt to rear our children for the reasons that really matter.

Catherine says:

While mothering is the hardest job we’ll ever undertake, our Creator designed it to be the most rewarding, most powerful, and closest to grasping God’s heart.

Amen to that!

So what are a mother’s priorities?  Catherine gives us the bottom line:

A mother’s priorities are to love her children well, discipline them fairly, teach them spiritual truth, encourage them to believe in who God created them to be, provide opportunities for them to develop their unique wiring, and teach them their identity in Christ.

I love the way this book takes the overwhelming, seemingly-abstract concept of rearing children and outlines methodology to achieve a mother’s priorities.   Each primary principle of every chapter assists parents in having a focus.   In being intentional.

Everything we achieve in life requires planning.  Our visions and dreams don’t happen without purposeful work.  Regret Free Parenting is a guide in assisting parents to be purposeful about their God-given task of child-rearing.

I label this book as a “nightstand” book. (five stars. 😉 )   In other words, one I want to keep in my room where I frequently read and have on hand.  But more than that, after reading this book, my desire is to review it again, complete the 4 week parenting plan at the end of the book, and implement steps of growth towards being an intentional mom.

Thanks so much to Catherine Hickem.  Feel free to hop over to the Intentional Moms website to subscribe to encouraging emails or order your own copy of Regret Free Parenting.  Special thanks to Dave Schroeder of Thomas Nelson, for providing this book as an encouragement!



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