Real Hope for Real People

On Saturday, my husband, Matt, had the opportunity to sing with his worship group who ministered together in Malawi this past February. Matt’s trip to Malawi was a tremendous highlight for both him and our entire family this year. Saturday brought together two very wonderful ministries, Target: Dayton! Ministries and the Passion Center for Children.

I just had to bring these incredible ministries before my readers as part of the Hope for Hurting Hearts series. Both of these ministries are ministering to hurting people in HUGE ways and providing the hope in Christ to them.

Target:Dayton! Ministries is a church for the homeless in Dayton, Ohio. Mark and Cindi Stevens moved to the inner city in 2000 and devoted their lives full-time to this wonderful ministry in 2002.  Their mission statement is:

To be a church for the poor and homeless; to express God’s love to the poor through ministries of compassion and to lead them into a life changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

My three middle children and I had the opportunity to serve at the drink stations as part of the meal that is served to the precious church members before they head back on the bus and return to their “homes.” This ministry has grown from facilitating one service and one meal a week to seven services and seven meals a week! Bringing hope to hurting hearts is at the core of everything they do.

The Passion Center for Children is located in Malawi, Africa and serves as the home to children who have been orphaned as a result of the AIDS pandemic.  Located in the beautiful “warm heart of Africa,” the Passion Center holds to this mission statement:

  • Labors to rescue those who are orphaned, widowed and at risk
  • Strives to provide
 residency for those living in harmful situations
  • Works to become a comprehensive resource center in the community
  • Desires to see God redeem all who call on the name of Jesus
Though my feet have never touched the ground of this ministry, my heart has been touched deeply through my husband’s opportunities to minister there, as well as the testimonies of the faithful pastors who serve there.
Malawi Ministry

Years ago, as a mom with a special needs child and many little ones, I began to pray for God to use me to bring hope to others.  90% of my time was spent at home, caring for my family (I think it’s down to 85% now. 😉 )  One day, I asked God to bring the ministry to me- people who needed me to point them to Him. I hoped that the future would hold a time when I’d be privileged to go to others to minister, but for the current time, I knew that my primary ministry was my family. Several months went by, then one summer day, in one 12 hour period, over 20 people came to our house for one reason or another.  Yes, God was giving me exactly what I had asked Him for.  He has continued to provide incredible opportunities for me to serve Him. If you have the desire to bring hope to hurting hearts, God will use you! After all, that desire is from Him!

How do you feel God calling you to help bring hope to hurting hearts?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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