Read Your Bible Through In A Year

Hey there! I hope you’re having a great week leading up to Christmas.  Tomorrow is baking day for our family. I’m pumped. 🙂

This year I’m challenging myself to read through the Bible.  I know there are some folks doing a 90-day challenge. That’s awesome! But I wanted to focus on a little less text at a time.  So I decided to do a 365 day challenge.

In light of that, I have a little Christmas present for you!

If you’d like to join me, even silently, then this daily Bible reading plan might work for you.  Download the printable .PDF here. We’ll have a check in once a week to encourage each other and you can leave a comment as to your progress. Accountability is one of the keys to success.

Leave a comment if you’d like to join in! I’d love to have you in 2013 as we read through the Bible together.

And the Lily book giveaway from yesterday is still open today, be sure to enter!


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  1. I might be a day late on this, but I’ve decided it’s one thing I want to spend my time on this year. Even on days where my school work gets a little hectic, I will make time because I need to better my relationship with God and as long as I do that first and foremost, I’m sure He will make sure I still have time to do the other things as well.

  2. Lord, help me to be faithful to do this daily.

  3. Carri Howell says:

    Count me in!

  4. Count me in!!!

  5. Reading the Bible all the way through is something I have been wanting to do. It might be tough with other Bible studies I am doing but I am going to try. So glad I found this.

  6. This is great idea! I am in!

  7. Just finished reading through w/ Max Lucado. Was wondering what I would do for 2013… so glad I found you! Thank you and so looking forward to it!

  8. I would love to do this!

  9. Sounds good. I’m in!!

  10. I’ve been wanted to do this for about 5 years. I’ve started and stopped many times, but I’d really like to stick with it. I like the idea of the accountability, so please count me in! : )

  11. I am in!!!!

  12. Can’t wait. I wanted to do this but was afraid doing it alone I would miss something. Thank you!

  13. Tammy Warren says:

    I just found you from Pinterest…I’m in!

  14. I’ve been wanting to try a reading plan, and knowing I’m doing it with a bunch of other women is even more encouraging! Looking forward to it!

  15. I’m up for the challenge! Thanks!

  16. I’m in!

  17. I’m in! I am so glad I found you through Pinterest. Very excited to get started. I can definitely use the accountability of doing it with a group. Thanks for offering it!

  18. Marion Fulk Crutchfield says:

    I have been wanting to do this! Count me in! I am new to your site!!

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