A Prayer for When I Can’t Sleep

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A Prayer for When I Can’t Sleep

Dear Father,

I can’t sleep.

I’m tossing and turning. Again.

I’m so thankful You never grow weary

And You never sleep.

I’m thankful that You are here with me right now,

Even when my mind won’t stop churning…

And my head won’t stop spinning.

Even when I know that worrying gets me nowhere

And my heart needs to rely on You.

I need You- the Good Shepherd-

Because counting sheep just doesn’t work.

Would you comfort my heart as only You can?

Will you rescue me from my own spiral of thoughts?

For I know that when I rest in You,

peace like a river overflows my soul and

I can praise You in advance for sweet rest.


Hey Friends- I’ve never been a major insomniac, but sometimes I feel like I haven’t slept since Taylor was born. That’s 17 years. I keep one eye half open and one ear half open and then switch sides. Yes- it’s complicated. I’m guessing someone else can relate for various reasons. I think God had David write the Psalms for this reason. 😉

Enjoy this prayer for when you can’t sleep.



  1. Rachel, forwarding this post to my daughter…she hasn’t been getting much sleep. Andrew was sick all last week…he never crossed over to the “dark side” (as I call it when he is in total respiratory distress cause he loves Star Wars and Darth Vader) but his mother was still up most of the night monitoring him! I, on the other hand, need this prayer as well for this reason and others! Thanks for helping us to find the words to pray for what we need.

  2. Thank you Rachel. I needed to hear that today. DF

  3. A beautiful prayer, and needed on so many nights! Thanks for the beautiful post & for hosting, & God bless!

  4. I love that line – “I need You- the Good Shepherd – because counting sheep just doesn’t work.” I haven’t had too many issues with sleeping in the past but I am starting to, so this is a great exercise that I will keep near my nightstand, Rachel! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  5. Dear Rachel, I was having trouble sleeping last night, too. So when I saw your blog post I had to smile. I get lots of sleep now that my two girls are 13 and 10 and I am grateful for sweet rest as you say. Thanks for the reminder that He is with me during those sleepless nights.
    P.S. I would love to linkup but can’t work out how

    1. So sorry, Laura- technical error on my part. It’s now repaired if you’d like to link up and THANK YOU.

  6. Amen

  7. Rachel, I think most mama’s can relate to some degree! I too do the half sleep, half rest thing. For me though it’s part of the joy of motherhood. A reminder God has chosen me to be a mum. I mean I prayed for these children and then what, get cranky when I can’t sleep? It doesn’t work like that. Thank God for his patience and strength during the days! Having said that, I shall print this out and use it to guide my rambling thoughts when the night time doubts begin to creep in!
    PS: I can’t see any blogs linked up or anyway to join in? I don’t know if the problem is my end (down under) or not!

    1. Appreciate you, Emma! So sorry about the linkytool- my error- it is now repaired!

  8. Edcel Ladiona says:

    I have been tossing and turning since 9 pm and until now (midnight) I still can’t sleep. I decided to check my Twitter and came across to your prayer. Thank you so much friend for sharing.
    God bless.

    1. Bless you!God does that for us; He’s so personal. I hope you had sweet rest last night.

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