Praise God No Matter What Bible Reading Challenge

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Praise God No Matter What

“God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.” Just yesterday, someone explained to me the meaning of these words in his life in reference to a responsive reading his pastor had often shared. We don’t have to feel good for these words to be true. And that’s a wonderful thing!

Over the years, my husband, family, and I have walked the road of suffering and grief in the disease and loss of our precious girl, Taylor. Then just this year, both my husband and I experienced our fathers graduating to heaven. Throughout seasons of sorrow, I’m collected many lessons and tools to use in the face of sorrow. But throughout the years, I’ve discovered the strongest weapon in a Christian’s arsenal is PRAISE.

You may be asking the deepest of questions right now.

How do I praise God when suffering surrounds me and people are dying?

How do I praise God when one can never know what a day will hold?

If you are asking those questions, then this Bible reading plan is for you!


Each month I host a monthly Bible reading plan and journal challenge to help our community enjoy reading God’s Word together and encourage our hearts to be faithful to Him.  Together, we have completed over 40 Bible reading plans, including both annual and monthly reading challenges. I’ve developed all sorts of strategies to help us read God’s word faithfully and there is nothing like this monthly system we are working through together.

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Many readers have requested that I list our monthly resource at the beginning of this announcement post because you already know you want it and don’t need the details. So here you are! This month’s journal is available as a digital download.

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Acts 16 describes the story of missionaries Paul and Silas, stripped, beaten, and bound in prison.  Paul and Silas have been placed with their feet in the stocks because the prison keeper has been charged to keep them safe.   But in spite of all they have endured, their bodies wrecked and their hearts ravaged, at midnight, Paul and Silas decide it is high time for a praise and worship session. They pray and sing praises to God. Suddenly an earthquake shakes the foundation of the prison, opening all the doors and breaking all the prisoners’ bands! That’s what praising God does! Praising God breaks strongholds.

I want to learn how to praise him anyway. Not only for what he does but for who he is. For his promises. For his mercy and grace. For his presence in the midst of storms. The list of reasons to praise is endless! So this month’s Bible reading challenge focus is? Praise Him Anyway!


  1. Follow the daily Bible reading plan and read the passage. Share what you are learning on social media if you’d like. My goal is to draw closer to Jesus and I want that for you too! This month the hashtags are: #praisehimanyway #biblereadingplan
  2. Recommended: Journal your thoughts and prayers using the Praise Him Anyway Journal This simple guide will help you stay focused and accountable. It will also leave a legacy for you to enjoy in the future!
  3. Optional: Join the Facebook group to see what others are learning and sharing. Enjoy our prayer community in the group as we pray for one another’s needs. Be in the know with bonus material such as practical tips, tools, and resources Rachel shares, Facebook live videos, and recently added focused music playlists based on the monthly Bible reading challenge topic.


  1. Acts. 16:16-40
  2. Psalm 30:1-12
  3. Deuteronomy 10:12-22
  4. Psalm 76:1-12
  5. 2 Chronicles 5:1-14
  6. Psalm 40:1-5
  7. Psalm 63:1-11
  8. Luke 1:39-56
  9. Psalm 148:1-6
  10. Psalm 148:7-14
  11. Psalm 147:1-11
  12. Psalm 147:12-20
  13. Psalm 34:1-7
  14. Psalm 42:1-11
  15. Psalm 71:1-8
  16. Psalm 71:9-16
  17. Psalm 47:1-9
  18. Ephesians 5:15-20
  19. Psalm 95:1-7
  20. Psalm 8:1-9
  21. Psalm 103:1-10
  22. Psalm 103:11-22
  23. Psalm 100:1-5
  24. Psalm 111:1-10
  25. Psalm 65:1-7
  26. Psalm 65:8-13
  27. Psalm 145:1-8
  28. Psalm 145:9-21
  29. Psalm 146:1-10
  30. Isaiah 63:7-14
  31. Psalm 150:1-6

Download your book and screenshot the graphic to your smartphone to mark it as a favorite for easy daily digital access. You could also use a simple printable copy of the daily reading plan. Click on the graphic titles above or HERE to print out a copy of the printable plan.

Ready? We’ll begin August 1st, just as we do each month!

By his grace,


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    I wish I could afford right now I’m unable to but I will follow the reading plan thank you for that ability

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