Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
You Have a Redemption Story Too

Ever question if you’ve gone too far down the wrong path and it’s simply too late for God to restore your life? 

Or have you ever dealt with anger over unfair circumstances or loss?

Enjoy this message of restoration as Rachel and her husband, Matt, share their beautiful redemption story. 

Through the life of Jonah, you’ll be encouraged to know that you are only ever one about-face away from God. 

  • Check out the many faces of rebellion.
  • Review the results of choices we make when we run from God. 
  • Observe the regrets that follow a life of running from God. 
  • Embrace repentance and the benefits of grace.
  • Be reminded that there are new chapters to your story. 

Join Matt and Rachel as they share their love stories for one another and Jesus. You’ll leave encouraged to chase after God the way he pursues you. 


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Jonah 1-3

Psalm 104:1-22

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