Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Trusting God in the Dark

Is life looking bleak or maybe even pitch black? Believing that God as our Father only ever wants the best for us can be challenging to remember.

When we can’t see how God’s hand is moving, how can we trust His heart? Join Rachel as she shares what David teaches us about trusting God in the dark. Rachel shares 3 honest questions we can ask ourselves about our failures to turn to God in prayer.

All David could do was cry and wait. God did five things for him to prove his trust. Those same five things are what God wants to do for you as you cry and wait.


Free When You Can’t Pray Prayer Guide

Psalm 40:1-5


  1. Deb Prentice says:

    This was a wonderful podcast Rachel. I was a great way to start my morning with prayer. Thank you!


  2. Deborah Jones says:

    Thank you, I believe God put your Podcast, Trusting God In The Dark, just when I needed it. His work in your life has shined more light into mine.

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