Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
The Best Gift You Can Give Your Children with Carol Kent

Life is hard. But God is good. Just ask Carol Kent, who abruptly found herself the mother of a son serving a life sentence for murder. Join Rachel and Carol in a vulnerable conversation about the best gift you can give your children- prayer.

Rachel Wojo and Carol Kent discuss:

  • the influence of others on their prayer lives
  • the importance of embracing prayer as a lifestyle
  • the impact prayer has on your children
  • the imprint joy leaves when you embrace it through grief

Connect with Carol at carolkent.org.

Grab your copy of Carol’s beautiful gift book, Life Lessons For Moms, Stories of Love, Laughter & Wisdom For a Mother’s Heart. 


  1. Carol Thank you for sharing your story
    My heart is broken because my children are not talking to each other because last Christmas Day one of my son in laws walked out and they haven’t been together since
    So this Christmas will be very sad for me
    I pray for peace and unity in my family
    I know and trust God will bring peace and happiness once again

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