Little Knot Here

Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Little Knot Here

If you’re tired of waiting on God to change your circumstances, then you’re in the right place! Rachel explores the reasons we hate waiting on God and provides encouragement in the wait.

Author Rachel Wojo wrestles the life knot of waiting on God while Matt, Rachel, and their family wrestle his unexpected unemployment. Whether you’re waiting for a change in circumstances, an answer to prayer, or a solution to a problem, God’s timing can seem all wrong in our minds. 

Are you:

  • struggling with patience?
  • trying to muster up “enough faith?”
  • feeling helpless and not in control?
  • tempted to rush ahead of God?

Enjoy this podcast for the encouragement to rest in God’s perfect schedule of events!

“There’s always a meanwhile that makes our pain worthwhile.”- Sharon Jaynes, When You Don’t Like Your Story

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