Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Finding Sacred Moments in Everyday Life

Does your day begin with prayer and resolve to live out your faith, but then routine takes over and life drudges on?

Maybe at the end of the day, you’ve wished for more personal conversations with God because somewhere between the morning and good night prayers, you lost connection with your Creator.

In this episode of the Untangling Life podcast, Rachel shares six unlikely places to pray throughout your day that will transform your work into worship.


  1. Thank God for sharing. I like praying when walking about neighborhood. Like listening to Untangling Life it was uplifting. prayer request: for peace of mind after heavy thunderstorms & tornado warnings grateful alright. No electricity, power has been out 3 days Hope/pray power comes back on tomorrow.. thank God

    1. I hope your power is back on and you are all safe. Those tornado warnings can be so scary. We’ve had several in our area this year. Blessings to you!

  2. Sitting outside this afternoon feeling discouraged and listening to this podcast just reminded me of prayer. So I’m closing my eyes and thanking him for the routine of my life. As boring as it may be. I’m thankful that all is well.
    Thank you Rachel for your ideas and encouragement!! 🩷

    1. You are so very welcome. There is beauty in the mundane; this I remind myself of often. Blessings to you, Michelle!

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