Perfect Peace Bible Reading Plan & Journal February Challenge

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Welcome to the February 2019 Bible reading plan and journal challenge! If this is your first time here, then I’m so glad to have you!

Could you be patient for just a moment as I share my heart about this month’s challenge? I need to be totally honest with you. God has called me to host the monthly Bible reading challenge and I’ve done so for years. Although I want to be faithful to do the work God has called me to do, I also know that after losing our precious Taylor to heaven on January 2 has left me in a state of both grieving and rejoicing. The Lord has a work of healing to do in mine and my family’s lives and hearts. The Bible reading challenge will go on as usual. The Facebook group is alive and booming. But I will not be as present on social media as I have been in months past. That said, I know God doesn’t want you to miss out. So check out the following!


Each month I host a monthly Bible reading plan and journal challenge to help our community enjoy reading God’s Word together and encourage our hearts to be faithful to Him.  Together, we have completed over 35 Bible reading plans, including annual reading challenges and monthly reading challenges. I’ve developed all sorts of strategies to help us continue to stay in God’s word faithfully and there is nothing like this monthly system we are doing together.


Many readers have requested that I list the journal at the beginning of this monthly announcement post because you already know you want it and don’t need the details. So here you are! This month’s journal is Perfect Peace Bible Reading Plan & Journal. If the strife of this world is making you long for quiet and rest, then you’re in the right place!



Are you searching for peace in a world of chaos?

While it can seem challenging to discover peace anywhere, the problem is not that peace can’t be found. “Just look harder,” someone suggests. I don’t think the issue is that we need to look harder. I see folks all around me who are searching for peace with all their might. They’re putting in everything they’ve got and still not finding it.

No, the problem is that we’re often looking in the wrong places. Because true peace can’t be found in a place. Perfect peace is found in the person of Jesus Christ. If a month-long Bible reading experience of quiet and rest reminding you to plant your eyes on Jesus sounds perfect, then you’re in the right place!

Welcome to the Perfect Peace Plan & Journal Bible reading challenge! If you’ve never joined a Bible reading challenge here before, each day we follow the plan and read the passage. You can share what you are learning on social media or just keep it between you and God. My goal through the reading is to draw closer to Jesus, and I want that for you too!

This Bible reading plan and journal will guide you to a stronger walk with Jesus! I am fully convinced of that. If you need accountability and would enjoy seeing the history of  your growing relationship with the Lord, this is a fantastic tool for you!

I truly long to provide practical, spiritual resources; I know that is a work God has called me to do. I expanded the journal from one page a day to two pages a day, and yet I believe it is still something the average person can complete within a reasonable span of time on a personal level.If you’re looking for an in-depth Bible study, these slim Bible reading plan and journal guides may not be the right fit for you. (Check out this FREE video Bible study for more depth!) I designed these particular Bible reading plans and journals to be doable on a consistent, daily basis.


  1. Follow the daily Bible reading plan and read the passage. Share what you are learning on social media if you’d like. My goal is to draw closer to Jesus and I want that for you too! This month the hashtags are: #perfectpeacejournal #biblereadingplan
  2. Recommended: Journal your thoughts and prayers using Perfect Peace Bible Reading Plan & Journal. This simple guide will help you stay focused and accountable. It will also leave a legacy for you to enjoy in the future!
  3. Optional: Join the Facebook group to see what others are learning and sharing. Enjoy our prayer community in the group as we pray for one another’s needs. Be in the know with bonus material such as practical tips, tools, and resources Rachel shares, Facebook live videos, and recently added focused music playlists based on the monthly Bible reading challenge topic.


1. Psalm 29:1-11
2. Romans 5:1-11
3. Psalm 37:10-19
4. Proverbs 16:1-7
5. Psalm 4:1-8
6. Job 5:17-27
7. Psalm 120:1-7
8. Ecclesiastes 3:8-22
9. Psalm 85:1-13
10.Proverbs 3:13-22
11.Isaiah 9:1-7
12.John 14:23-31
13.Isaiah 26:1-13
14.Proverbs 12:15-23
15.2 Thessalonians 1:1-12
16.Psalm 39:1-13
17.Romans 14:1-11
18.Romans 14:12-23
19.2 Thessalonians 3:10-18
20.Isaiah 54:1-10
21.Romans 15:1-13
22.Philippians 4:1-7
23.Isaiah 55:1-13
24.Matthew 5:1-12
25.2 Corinthians 13:7-14
26.Psalm 119:161-168
27.James 3:10-18
28.Romans 8:1-6
29.Proverbs 16:1-7
30.John 16:21-33
31.Colossians 3:12-17


Order your journal or if you’d like to participate without the journal, screenshot the graphic to your smartphone to mark it as a favorite for easy daily digital access. You could also use a simple printable copy of the daily reading plan. Click on the graphic title above or HERE to print out two copies of the Bible reading plan. Share one with a friend!

Ready to begin? Starts February 1st.

By his grace,



  1. Kelly Lee says:

    Dear, sweet, Rachel.. please take all the time you need! You and your family have suffered a great loss. I understand so deeply your pain. I lost my little brother just a few days after you lost your precious Taylor. Tim went to heaven on Jan. 7th and we miss him so much, even though we rejoice that he is with God now and no longer in pain. But it still hurts so much that I can’t pick up the phone and talk with him and laugh together as we did each week. I think of you often and pray that God will fill you with His peace and love. I hope it brings you some comfort to know that you are loved and prayed for by so many here in our bible study!

  2. Rebecca C says:

    Hello! Is this for February? I see it has 31 days. I may have misunderstood. Thank you.God bless

    1. Yep! Consider the extra days a bonus. 😉 The Bible reading plans always contain 31 days so that it can be used in any month. 🙂

  3. Thank you Rachel so much for your Bible challenges. I am working through them and posting your information about these reading plans on my blog. I hope you have a great day. Hugs. Becca

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