Perfect Peace Bible Reading Plan and Journal Challenge

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I opened my phone general newsfeed just now and I probably don't have to explain to you that there was not one positive article listed. Just turn on the TV news or check out the latest on Google and you'll see loads of strife in this world. All the conflict often makes me want to run and hide. Where can you find peace when society is in a continual state of controversy?

I opened my phone general newsfeed just now and I probably don’t have to explain to you that there was not one positive article listed. Just turn on the TV news or check out the latest on Google and you’ll see loads of strife in this world. All the conflict makes me want to run and hide.

Where can you find peace when society is in a continual state of controversy?

While it can seem challenging to discover peace anywhere, the problem is not that peace can’t be found. “Just look harder,” someone suggests. I don’t think the issue is that we need to look harder. I see folks all around me who are searching for peace with all their might. They’re putting in everything they’ve got and still not finding it.  No, the problem is that we’re often looking in the wrong place. Because true peace can’t be found in a place. Perfect peace is found in the person of Jesus Christ. If a month-long Bible reading experience of quiet and rest reminding you to plant your eyes on Jesus sounds perfect, then you’re in the right place!

Perfect Peace Bible Reading Challenge

Welcome to the March Perfect Peace Bible Reading Challenge!

If you’ve never joined a Bible reading challenge here before, each day we follow the plan and read the passage. You can share what you are learning on social media or just keep it between you and God. My goal through the reading is to draw closer to Jesus, and I want that for you too!

For this month, we will use the hashtags #perfectpeacejournal and #biblereadingplan. Almost every day, I post on Instagram or Facebook about what I’m learning through the passages and sometimes I post the Bible journaling pages or handlettering I work on throughout the study.

On Fridays, I post a summary of what I learned through the week here on the blog and invite you to share what God is teaching you in the comments.

Bible Reading Plan and Journal

Last November, God began working in my heart to step the monthly Bible Reading Challenge up another notch. Personally the Lord has convinced me that soaking in his word each day is the best soul treatment I could possibly encounter. So while our community has completed Bible reading challenges for several years, I knew God was asking me to provide a stronger tool than the simple Bible reading plan I offer each month.

As a result, I created a Bible reading plan and journal combination. This tool is designed to provide a topical theme to a month of Bible reading passages. Topical Bible reading plans are great for folks looking to study a certain subject in the Bible. They are also great for new Christians who aren’t sure where or how to get started reading their Bible on a regular basis. This is what one of our readers wrote about the Pure Joy journal:

This journal got me back on track in my spiritual journey with my Lord. I purchased this hoping to help get me in the routine of actually having morning devotions every morning & it has worked just as I had hoped. Each page gives you an opportunity to read the verses for that day & then helps me to think what I have in my life that brings me joy. Sometimes whenever I don’t feel real joyful, I can stop & either read (or think about) the things that I have listed as bringing me joy & that helps remind me. There is room on the pages to doodle or draw things so that you can personalize it to fit just what you need. Definitely recommend this for an easy way to start having daily devotions.

I truly long to provide practical, spiritual resources because I know that is a work God has called me to do. So these journals are one page a day- something the average person can complete within a reasonable span of time. If you’re looking for an in-depth Bible study, these slim Bible study guides may not be the right fit for you. (Check out this FREE video Bible study for more depth!) I designed these particular Bible reading plans and journals to be doable on a consistent, daily basis.

I mean, what would happen if you enjoyed a beautiful buffet, but that was the only time you ate all week? You’d be hungry, right? 

Ok. I’ll hush with the preaching and move on to sharing the passages. At the end of this post, you’ll find all the links to the resources.

Perfect Peace Bible Reading Plan

1. Psalm 29:1-11
2. Romans 5:1-11
3. Psalm 37:10-19
4. Proverbs 16:1-7
5. Psalm 4:1-8
6. Job 5:17-27
7. Psalm 120:1-7
8. Ecclesiastes 3:8-22
9. Psalm 85:1-13
10.Proverbs 3:13-22
11.Isaiah 9:1-7
12.John 14:23-31
13.Isaiah 26:1-13
14.Proverbs 12:15-23
15.2 Thessalonians 1:1-12
16.Psalm 39:1-13
17.Romans 14:1-11
18.Romans 14:12-23
19.2 Thessalonians 3:10-18
20.Isaiah 54:1-10
21.Romans 15:1-13
22.Philippians 4:1-7
23.Isaiah 55:1-13
24.Matthew 5:1-12
25.2 Corinthians 13:7-14
26.Psalm 119:161-168
27.James 3:10-18
28.Romans 8:1-6
29.Proverbs 16:1-7
30.John 16:21-33
31.Colossians 3:12-17



Just screenshot the graphic to your smartphone and mark it as a favorite for easy daily access. For a simple printable copy, click on the graphic or HERE and print out two copies of the Bible reading plan. Share one with a friend!

Ok, Friends! The journal is optional, but I surely do enjoy using this new tool. Who’s in for the challenge? It will begin March 1st!

By his grace,



A 31 day Bible reading plan and journal to help us fix our eyes on Jesus.


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  1. I’m beginning my third verse study with you, starting in January. I’ve had a really rough 3 months, home business, son with Down Syndrome, everything in our home breaking down, menopause, and much more. My son said yesterday, mom will you stop praying please? Yes, the Lord seems to be putting every verse in practice that I am studying, daily. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I know the Lord is carrying me through this extremely hard trial right now. I love your studies, they are simple, I love the journaling, I’m new to it, but find it makes me really meditate on the scripture when I study.

    1. Oh Lena! Thank you so much for letting me know. I’ve been a bit slow on responses for a few days. I’m so glad that you love the studies; I deliberately keep them simple because when life is hard, it’s easy not to get into God’s Word due to time crunches and such. I really want the journals to be doable on a daily basis. Much love to you in your studies.

  2. Kary Ross says:

    I’m in!! Enjoying these studies you’ve provided for everyone to be more knowledgeable of Gods word. I too, like a lot of the comments before me, needed help for my daily Bible reading. Thanks so much!

  3. Looking forward to this. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Thank you Rachel❤️
    You are the best!

  5. I REALLY need this right now. I have been struggling with finding peace for a few months now. I am worrying way too much. I am afraid and saddened because of all this strife going on in the world. I am AFRAID for this country. Politics everywhere. People arguing, the name calling, the ugliness have really “gotten” to me. I PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and read the Word for my peace. Although this is how I deal with it all, I am still left with this feeling of gloom and sadness, and worry!Worry for my country, worry for my health, worry for my loved ones….I pray for peace, every minute of the day, all day and recite this verse constantly….”Do not be anxious about anything but everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” Php 4:6-7
    I decided to get BACK to the Lord in January 2016. I turned my back on my faith, but I realized that even by being away from the Lord for so long, he NEVER left me!

    1. Amen. There’s no place that he isn’t with you. Much love and prayers to you! I hope this Bible reading plan is a special blessing to you!

    2. Wow Ann,
      That is exactly how I feel! I pray to God every day to help our country and our world. I am so glad to find out that I am not the only person who does this. God bless you.

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