Outside the Zone

While Matt and I were on vacation, a great deal of time was afforded to me to study and prepare for the summer ladies’ Bible study that I host. Last year after “Hannah, the Power of Prayer,” I began reading and studying a topic that is so relevant for today’s Christians. God has given each of us a unique set of talents and gifts. Our personalities, family backgrounds, and experiences all contribute to the way God wants to use us. But what if He is calling you to do something that is not a part of your comfort zone? In other words, you may not be loving “it.”

One of the characters we will study is Moses and talk about a character! God spoke specific instructions to him from the burning bush and Moses’ response: “Who am I?” In other words, “God, what are you thinking? Do you really know my history? I mean, I killed a man out of anger. I’ve been labeled a traitor and rebel…” Moses seem to forget his miraculous beginning; that in an era of the decree to kill all baby boys under the age of two, he was saved from immediate death.

To answer Moses’ question, “Who am I?”

“Oh, only that baby who was ingeniously disguised as being ‘thrown into the river.’ That was nothing special. Oh, and the princess just happened to find you and take you to safety. And then there is that little matter of your sister volunteering your birth mother to be your nurse, but that was no big deal.”

Yet we often approach God with that same question and attitude behind it. We make excuses that are illegitimate. We state reasons that are completely full of logic and completely empty of faith in God.

So who are you?

The child of the King.

Come and meet with us on Thursday evenings at 8 pm this summer as we learn to follow God…

Outside the (comfort) zone.

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