One More Step Encouragement Giveaway

Thanks for entering this giveaway!! The winner is Amanda Stevenson Fulton! This offer is now closed.
It’s Monday and the sun just started shining! YAY! It’s been ugly and rainy outside all morning while I’ve been cleaning and working, but yahoo, the sun is out now AND it made me want to offer this One More Step Encouragement giveaway today! So… after all that rattling, we’re keeping this simple.

giveaway 1

This giveaway is for the three items you see in the photo above:

  1. One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving up (It’s signed! You might get $.50 more on Ebay some day for that!! Or on some trendy mobile selling app that people are using 10 years from now.)
  2. A copy of You’re Worth It! by Sheila Walsh
  3. A framed copy of A Prayer for the Moment

Just leave a comment answering this question:

What is your favorite way to be encouraged or to encourage someone else?

And that’s it! A comment winner will be chosen at random by one of my assistants. (aka children)

Have fun entering! The giveaway closes at midnight, 12/16/15!

By his grace,





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  1. Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

  2. Curious how it is closed when it is not yet midnight on 12/16/15??

    1. Midnight is 12 am. I posted the winner around 9 am EST this morning. So it was past midnight. Does that help? I’m sorry for the issue!!

  3. Nicole Huskey says:

    I encourage people by sending them hand written notes. I am touched myself when someone takes the time to actual write in this email/text filled world.

  4. I am encouraged by scripture and quotes found on Pinterest. As I pin them to my board, I pray others will be as uplifted as I am by them!

  5. I like to encourage others and myself by saying a kind word with a smile.

  6. I was in an accident in 2010. I had a severe brain injury, was in a coma, and my family was told I’d never walk, be able to shower, feed myself, or drive again. I was able to do all of that within 9 months of coming out of the coma. My accident was over 5 yrs ago, and I’m just now getting back into school to be an xray tech. I feel so insanely blessed to of gone through what I went through, not only for myself but honestly to help others also. My entire life I’ve believed in the Lord. My faith in him got so much stronger after that accident, so strong I would correct people when they called me a miracle, to blessing. Life was very hard after that accident, I thought I’d never be put through any thing else. I thought “what more could happen, jeez.” Well more kept happening. I had every reason in the book to just say I’m done believing in you, I don’t need you anymore. That thought is the wrong one to have. As I keep believing in him so much has happened, some days I stop and say I know that was you Lord. Thank you! Life is rough no matter, keep your faith and head high and one way or another it’ll all work itself out. That has become my thought with life. You have absolutely no control over anything, except how you serve your Father. I tell people my story or turn everything into a reason to have faith, and they will tell me how I have insured them. It’s the best feeling in the world.

  7. Sherri Bertrand says:

    I work with special needs students and my best encouragement is a hug or smile, or even having my hair ruffled by one of my students. I know then that we are having a positive impact in their lives.

  8. Carolyn Irizarry says:

    I like to encourage myself & other by reminding them & me about the promises of God.

  9. Loraine Schmidt says:

    Rachel it’s you that inspires me!

  10. Kathryn Norris says:

    The gift of a sincere compliment. It can brighten anyone’s day!

  11. Erin Connolly says:

    My Encourager are my Devotionals. They lift my spirits high and I feel God’s presence. Once I start reading my Devotionals, I can’t stop. I usually share these Devotionals on my Facebook page hoping to reach out to someone.

  12. Diana Pyles says:

    Praise songs and great friends!

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