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Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances? Where do you turn when discouragement strikes? How can you learn to process feelings of despair? If you’d love the answer to any of these questions, then my new book, One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up, is for you!  Don't miss this limited pre-release giveaway!

  • Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances?
  • Where do you turn when discouragement strikes?
  • How can you learn to process feelings of despair?

If you’d love the answer to any of these questions, then my new book, One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up, is for you! This book is my “heart book”–the one I wish I could sit down with you over coffee and share each word. I have poured myself into the pages and my prayer is that each person who reads it will receive the message God has for her.

I’m so excited to share this book with you in more detail very soon!! We’ve entered the final stages of setting up the book website and I cannot wait for you to see all the beautiful free resources we’re offering! Sorry for all the exclamation points! As you can see, I’m a little excited. Ok, more than a little. Ok, a LOT! But enough…

While I’m currently giving the book the final read-through before the printing begins, today I’m ecstatic to host the One More Step book pre-release GIVEAWAY! Can you believe it?

The copies of the books being given away today are advance reading copies, of which there is limited availability. I feel incredibly blessed that the publisher would allow me to host a book giveaway before the book is even in print and before the release date of October 20, 2015! 

So 5 winners are going to walk away with a sweet sneak peek before this book hits the shelves!! Don’t delay- just follow the Rafflecopter!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. In the day and age I am sure everyone should be asking themselves all three questions.
    I know for myself I try to turn to prayers.

  2. Have asked all 3 of these questions. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Heather Johnson says:

    Hello! Can you tell me when I can buy a copy and how much it will be?

  4. Despair…living there. know this is Gods plan, but still hard to endure and I should be thriving in His Will.

  5. All of the questions… 🙂

  6. All 3 questions apply to life situations my family and I are experiencing. Looking for more strength during these times and am super thankful for your thoughts and helps!
    I look forward always to reading your blog!

  7. this book sounds perfect for me right now….. with what is happening in this world today I feel we are living in a mini Babylon. I sit and hear how there are so many Christians in the world but than I see what’s going on and I think are they really reading God’s word and applying it or do they feel they are Christians because they’ve been to a church every now and again…. I know God is in control and this is the price for freewill. it’s just so discerning….

  8. All three

  9. You are going to bless so many people with this book! Thank you for allowing God to use you! <3

  10. Perfect timing!! I just wrote a post on this on Monday. 🙂 Can’t wait to read the book!

  11. Actually, all three questions jumped out at me!

  12. looking forward to this book

  13. How can you learn to process feelings of despair? Looking forward to reading your book!

  14. When life feels so difficult, I have to take one more step to move forward. I think this book will help people in a positive way and remind them that they are not alone in this world.

  15. Sometimes that’s the only way to keep going – One. More. Step. at a time.

  16. Where do you turn when discouragement strikes? I know I should turn to God and prayer first, but that doesn’t always happen. This sounds like a book that will help lots of people.

  17. I’m discouraged because I can’t seem to get things “right”, which makes things seem out of control and I feel the cycle just repeating and not sure how to make it stop….

  18. The overwhelming circumstances probably more than the other two, but I can see aspects of all three being relevant. Thank you for making these books available.

  19. Processing things is difficult because I just want to run stuff in my head until it comes out right. So this book might actually help me process in a healthy manner & then let go.

  20. “Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances? ” I was blindsided yesterday by an attack from a trusted friend.

    Your book’s release date is my husband’s birthday. If I don’t win a copy, I’ll buy one as a present (for me) then.

  21. Where do you turn when discouragement strikes and processing despair! Can’t wait for this book to come out!

  22. The question that stood out to me was, Where do you turn when discouragement strikes? I know the “Sunday School” answer, but honestly sometimes when I turn to the Lord, I feel a distance between us. I look forward to this book as a source of encouragement that I can use in conjunction with my Bible for refreshment and a deeper walk with the Lord! Thank you for being obedient to your call!

  23. Stefani Wilson says:

    All the questions apply to me!! I’m really hoping & praying I win a copy but even if I don’t I will be purchasing one!! Thank you Rachel ur an inspiration & a blessing & I know this book is going to help so many people!!

  24. RHONDA TAYLOR says:

    I need this book to learn more about the tools God has given you to tell me how to move forward with my relationship with God and personal ones.

  25. Margaret Mayfield says:

    Everyone at one time or another struggles with out of control circumstances and the stress that domes with it. Therefore this book is for everyone!

  26. Tammy Dobson says:

    ALL of the questions definitely got my attention!

    It is like they are describing me right now.

    Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances?
    Where do you turn when discouragement strikes?
    How can you learn to process feelings of despair?

  27. How can you learn to process feelings of despair?

  28. You asked which question sparked our interest. Well these two did. I am excited about your book!
    Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances?
    How can you learn to process feelings of despair?
    Congratulations on your book!

  29. Can’t wait to read your book 🙂

  30. Unfortunately it seems like all apply at the moment. I’m needing some strong encouragement. I’m leaning heavily on God but you know how you never feel it is good enough. Which growing up as a Christian and in a Christian family you know is not correct in your heart. So it would be nice to win but if I don’t I will be getting the book. Thank you for the opportunity. God Bless you in your work for him.

  31. All of the questions I can relate to, most recently dealing with what I thought was out of control situations, but praying God’s will and having faith very quickly made me realize that nothing was out of control, God had a plan all along. Praying his will and not what I want was the most difficult thing I have ever done.

  32. All three questions really spoke to me for this time in my life. When life gets out of whack and it’s a struggle to pray, it’s such a temptation to hide in the trees of busyness, entertainment, social media, etc. Would love to win!

  33. Mandi McDonald says:

    Are you struggling with out of control circumstances? This is the question that intrigued me the most!

  34. Linda Davis says:

    All applied to me and I think most women from time to time. Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

  35. Wow! This book sounds amazing. It sounds like you are hitting this topic purely from your heart! Can’t wait to read it.

  36. All three as I am grieving the loss of our 3 month old baby girl. Its been almost 7 months since she left us to go to heaven. I’m find that grief means so many different things and not everyone holds on to Jesus during that time. There are so many unanswered questions but the one I know is true is that she is up in heaven in Jesus arms waiting for us to be reunited one day when Jesus calls us home.

  37. Right now I am really struggling with some circumstances. I would love to win your book.

  38. Would love to share this book with a friend who has been struggling with all 3 questions, though I think I’ll have to tell her to let me borrow the book when she’s done so I can read it, too!

  39. I am truly going through a difficult time. Your website has been a blessing to me. I can’t wait for your book I am Struggling through out-of-control circumstances.

  40. Where do you turn when discouragement strikes?

    I have turned to God and the church and will be Baptized on Sunday, July 26th.

  41. Heather Eavers says:

    I’m trying to win for a friend who needs for this question: Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances?

  42. Amanda Blazer says:

    This book is sure to bless so many. Thank you for being brave and walking in obedience.

  43. Brittany Freeman says:

    Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances? — I am a controller and a planner. When things go astray from the plan I get nervous and anxious. I look forward to reading what this book has regarding this topic. 🙂

  44. How to proces feelings of despoot.

    1. Sorry, how to proces feelings of despair.

  45. love how you consistently point back to the Lord and His Word for the answers

  46. Hattie Jo says:

    Would love to read this book!… You are such an encourager!

  47. All 3 of these questions are questions I’ve struggled with lately. Rachel I am so very excited for you! Praying for you while you are at She Speaks!

  48. Where do you turn when discouragement strikes? Is the question that spoke to me the most.

  49. This is a great book!

  50. All three questions struck me, but “Where do you turn when discouragement strikes?” is particularly close to my heart right now. Thank you for writing this book!

  51. Wow! These questions really hit home with me! Processing my feelings is the biggest challenge for me. This is a book that I could definitely benefit from.

  52. Jennifer D. says:

    ‘Are you struggling with out if control’ situations? This one spoke to me because I sometimes feel out if control.

  53. All questions are relevant. I can’t wait to get this book. Such a blessing and encouragement.

  54. T Spencer says:

    Where do you turn when discouragement strikes? This question caught my attention. Last year and previous year before that were tough for me. Even the early part of 2015 was a struggle. God was trying to shpe and mold me for sure. I had to turn to Him and His word just to make it out of bed some days.

    Hope to win!

  55. The last 2 questions. I just went through those feelings last week and I did NOT handle it well. I need to learn a better way of persevering.

  56. I could really use this type of book right now and I know it will be full of encouragement and great advice.

  57. The question “are you struggling out of control circumstances” that’s me right now!

  58. Currently dealing with the realization that my mum may be dying. And I can’t let go.

  59. The first 3 questions caught my attention. Within the last year, I have had surgery, my father-in-law and brother-in-law died suddenly 1 month apart, separated after 30 years, sold the house, moved into an apartment, started a new job, my youngest went off to college (empty next), a pet died, car broke down multiple times, divorce finalized, and just lost my job. I am struggling through out of control circumstances and at the point where I am questioning whether God is with me and whether praying for myself is even worth it. Before I lost my job, I was in a better place and trying to settle in with my new life. Losing my job has put me over the edge and I am lost and not sure what to do. I am hoping this book with provide answers and steps I can take that bring me back to God.

    1. Laurie, I’ll pray for you right now.

  60. Hi,

    I just got to know about this blog recently, and got so attached to it. The reason being of what I am currently going through in my life. It really seems like things are getting out of control. There are days where I feel like giving up, and there is your email. sometimes I get the feeling it was no coincedence for me to get into contact with you and all the other people in your blog. It has really picked me up on days where I was on my low.

    Thank you, so much. May the Good Lord bless you and your family.

    I would love to read the book.

  61. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! 🙂

  62. i’m very excited for this book. The news of this book came at the perfect time.

  63. I most related to “Are you struggling through out-of-control circumstances?” We have had a long season of one thing after another. While there are so many things in this life that we can’t, I have hope because I know He can. I’m so looking forward to the encouragement in your book. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  64. where do you turn when discouragement comes?

  65. Natalie Graichen says:

    How can you learn to process feelings of despair?

    Perhaps it’s chemical, perhaps it’s negative conditioning, but despair is difficult for me to release.

  66. Need this book

  67. All of the questions related to me! Thank you for writing this book of encouragement!!

  68. Susan Hunsinger says:

    Actually, all three questions but the one that gives me such hope to have an answer to is “How can you learn to process feelings of despair.” Thank you, Rachel, for writing this book and for offering this giveaway. I, too, am excited about this book.

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