No Fear Bible Reading Challenge

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To remember that the One who created the sea controls it. To remember that the One who walks on water holds my hand. To remember that there is no need to fear because When things seem out of control, God is always in control. - One More Step So let's take a month to read what God's Word has to say about having no fear. You ready? Begins 4/1!

UPDATED 4/3/15

Hey friends- sorry for the typos and mistakes on the plan. They are now repaired! Thanks for grace; you are awesome!!

Welcome to the No Fear Bible Reading Challenge! I have to admit, I couldn’t decide exactly what to call this Bible reading challenge. Fear Not? Unafraid? I’m not sure what drove me to the final title of “No Fear” but I’ve had this monthly challenge on my heart for quite a while. The Bible passage I read that sparked this particular challenge is Mark 6:45-55 where Jesus walking out to his disciples at sea. Think with me for a moment…

They spent every day and night with Jesus- these disciples he had called to work for the kingdom. After witnessing the miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousands with a little bread and fish, Jesus sent them ahead while he dismissed the crowd. He needed time to be alone and pray.

Mark, the gospel writer, explains that Jesus was praying alone on land while the disciples went out to sea.As the disciples strained against the oars due to the wind, Jesus began walking on the sea out to them. But just as he was walking by their boat, they saw him and were terrified because they thought Jesus was a ghost. There are a lot of things that he could have said at this moment in time. But what did Jesus immediately say to his disciples?

“Take heart! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

I need the reminder from the Master often.

To remember that the One who created the sea controls it.

To remember that the One who walks on water holds my hand.

To remember that there is no need to fear because

When things seem out of control, God is always in control. – One More Step

So let’s take a month to read what God’s Word has to say about having no fear. You ready?

No Fear Bible Reading Challenge

If you’ve never joined a Bible reading challenge here before, each day we follow the plan and read the passage. You can share what you are learning on social media or just keep it between you and God. My goal through the reading is to draw closer to Jesus, and I want that for you too!

For this month, we will use the hashtag #nofear. Almost every day, I post on Instagram or Facebook about what I’m learning through the passages and sometimes I post the Bible journaling pages I work on throughout the study.

On Fridays, I post a summary of what I learned through the week here on the blog and invite you to share what God is teaching you in the comments.

Additional/Optional Bible Reading Challenge Features

Bible Journaling

As you may know, I’ve been working on learning to Bible journal a little art and since you’ve been asking, I’ve got a FANTASTIC tool to help us both consistently read God’s Word, study it, meditate on it, and enjoy it. Use this Bible Journaling Guide to process the Bible reading through your choice of journal writing, art, or both.

No Fear Bible Reading Plan

1. John 14:23-31
2. Isaiah 41:9-14
3. 1 John 4:13-21
4. Psalm 56:1-13
5. Isaiah 43:1-7
6. Psalm 34:1-7
7. Deut. 31:1-8
8. 1 Chronicles 28:11-20
9. Hebrews 13:1-8
10. Psalm 112:1-10
11. Isaiah 12:1-6
12. Zephaniah 3:14-20
13. 2 Chronicles 20:14-21
14. Psalm 27:1-8
15. Joshua 10:1-14
16. Isaiah 44:1-8
17. Isaiah 46:1-11
18. Psalm 91:1-8
19. Psalm 91:9-16
20. Isaiah 35:1-10
21. Isaiah 54:1-8
22. Romans 8:9-17
23. Hebrews 12:18-29
24. Psalm 3:1-8
25. Psalm 27:1-5
26. Psalm 143:1-6
27. Psalm 143:7-12
28. Psalm 23:1-6
29. Isaiah 8:11-18
30. Jeremiah 17:5-10

Printable or Digital

Just screenshot the graphic to your smartphone and mark it as a favorite for easy daily access. For a simple printable copy, click on the graphic or HERE and print out two copies of the Bible reading plan. Share one with a friend!

Ok, friends! It’s up. A little later than I had hoped, but Friday, April 1st, we’ll begin this monthly reading plan!

Who’s in?

By his grace,


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  1. Linda Harrington says:

    Genuine Faith last month was wonderful. I had shared that I had been praying for my sister to come to know the Lord. I visited her, the end of March for her 56th birthday. So sad, she had another stroke which set her back again. But the good news is, her heart is now very tender, and between my daughter and me, we believe she is now a believer. PTL. Never give up praying for someone, the Lord has a plan for them. In 1994 she had a brain tumor removed and was given 6 months, I had people praying. Two years ago we were told she had spinal cancer and was given 3 months, I had people praying, It wasn’t spinal cancer. Now she keeps having strokes. I believe the Lord kept her alive all these years till she came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The verse we read in March, “Genuine Faith,” gave me so much promise and I was able to share with her. My daughter prayed with her. My sister was not able to speak, but the Lord knows what was in her heart, she wept as my daughter prayed. She used to just look away in disgust. Thank you Rachel again for following what the Lord lays on your heart.

  2. I am few days behind, but I am in. I am really needing this right now!

  3. GreAt reading plan! Did you mean to have the same reading on April 10th and 15th? They both say Psalm 112:1-10.

  4. Linda Fisher says:

    I need this so much more than you know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Judy Daniels says:

    I’m with you Rachael.

  6. Elizabeth Conrad says:

    I’m in because I love your studies! This one is going to be great.

  7. Kim Clifton says:

    I’m in. Seeking a closer walk with Him.

  8. Sandra Licht says:

    I am excited about this. I live in Gemany and I am hoping that will get something good out of this. I have problems with fear. I am always struggling with this. I think I have it beat and then it just seems to come back on me. Hope to meet some of you on line also. There is a time problem so my entries maybe at strange times.

  9. I’m so excited about this month’s challenge. After a difficult year, God is showing me how deeply rooting in fear some of my thoughts really are. Trusting Him to use this month to keep digging. Thank you for putting this together!

  10. Anne Dias says:

    I thank our Almighty God for you and the work you are doing. Rachel, God bless you and your awesome tribe. Keep up the good work. By the way I’m in for the No FEAR April. Take care and God Bless.

  11. Rachel,

    I am in. I am so excited to do this. Spending more time in Gods word.

    Thank you!


  12. Right on time! I’m in!

  13. Juliana Gonzalez Mutis says:

    I really need that reminder.

  14. Kathie dodds says:

    Very excited for NO FEAR April – beautiful is His timing ?

  15. Fear is a huge issue for me…I have Isaiah 41:10 as my verse and have some piece of jewelry to wear every day that reminds me of it. I have an anxiety disorder and haven’t been in a church in over a year…the ones here have only a few exits and no windows…I feel trapped and smothered and it leads to panic attacks. I’m hoping that adding this study to my own personal efforts to conquer fear will help me. Thank you so much for doing this!!

  16. I’m in. I look forward to my quiet time with God each morning before starting my day. I love the scriptures you choose and wait eagerly for you to post new challenges. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  17. Hi Rachel
    Suffering seems to be increasing.
    Bad Stuff also seem to be escalating and spreading fear and discontent.
    Thank you for this study.

  18. I’m in for this. I spent a lot of years fighting anxiety and need this! God has been so gracious with me, but still have a lot to learn.

  19. I am looking forward to it! I have been praying for an increase in strength of faith, and to be braver in my belief, and have been working on worrying less. This sounds like the perfect study plan to help me with this! Thanks Rachel!

  20. If it’s the Lord will…I’m In!

    P.S. I already printed it out 🙂
    Thank you so much!

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